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Pretty Woman

En novelle om en vellykket mann, en vakker kvinne og intense blikk.

Karakter: 5 (9. klasse)

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It’s the first day of school after the holidays; he just got home from Cyprus. It was the last year of school he was studying journalism and playing on the football team. It was a sunny day. He got a light tan, long blond hair, big blue eyes and a six-pack to die for. He got it all. The looks, big house, nice cars and any girl you could ever dream of. He dated all the pretty rich girls in school. Someone would say he is superficial. Others will say he is the most popular guy at school. He threw on a pair of black leather slippers, red shorts and a white singlet.


He took his car to school. The red Ford Mustang. The school is big, over three thousand students goes to the school. That’s a lot of people he thought. The main entrance made of dark wood. It was when he reached for the door handle he saw her. Blurry, through his new Ray bans. The sun was shining out on both sides of the long blond hair. It swayed in the wind. He was dazzled of Beauty. Or was it just the sun hitting him in the eyes. He didn’t know. She; she was tall walking in her high black Louboutin shoes. She wore a black pencil skirt and a white blouse. As he watched her walking up against him and pas him he thought of all the girls he had dated in the past. How it always was the same type of girl. You know the type who is almost a fan and not a girlfriend. That is how it’s like to be the popular guy. Witch actually was ok because he liked attention. But he liked to chase them to.


It felt like slow motion just watching her walk those 10 feet. Her lips were red, blood red. Her eyes were dark brow. He thought to him selves, who is this? He had never seen this girl before, he was sure of that. If he had, he would remember her. She wasn’t only beautiful she looked smart to. Se had a purse under the left arm. She could study law, she looked like a lawyer. She reminded him of Elle Woods in the movies Legally Blond, a sophisticated Elle Woods. He wondered how many times he had seen those movies, not because he liked them that much but because the girls always wanted to watch it.


As she walked by him she gave him a long stare, or so it seemed in slow motion. She winked with the right eye and smiled a warm smile. He turned around and stared even more as she walked away from him. She looked good from behind to, she could be a model. Tall, skinny and very pretty. He wished for her to notice him.


Then she stopped, looked around and turned. She stared at him in a way that made him feel weak. She came closer, and closer. But still in slow motion. Suddenly she stood there. She was pale to. Very pale, and had skinny cheekbones. She formed her mouth, not making a sound. He didn’t know what to say. Should he just say Hi, or Hey or something cheesy? She stared at him for a long time, no one said anything. She tried to say something again this time making small weird signs with her hands.


- There you are miss Kahlo, said the principal Mr. Weaver who had just came out the entrance grabbing her arm and dragged her in through the door. The bells rang from the roof and in a second miss Kahlo and Mr. Weaver was lost in the crowd.

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