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Kai's Mission

Dette var en oppgave jeg skrev på engelsktentamen i 8. klasse.

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-  I do not have much time, so you must listen carefully. Three things.

She spoke in short burst, breathing though clenched teeth between each of them.

- One, my name is Kai and I come from another planet. Two, my mission is to take this…

She gestures to the case in her lap,

- Back to my home world and liberate my people. Three, I am being hunted by the Guardians of the Fedeation and my only chance of escape is to find someone to hide me for the next forty-eight hours.

She looked up at Douglas, her dark eyes staring intently into his.

- Gedrus says you are the only coda I can reach. Will you help me? Please?


Douglas woke up. He couldn’t see her anywhere. He got out of the bed.

- Was it just a dream? He asked himself.

- No, it wasn’t.

He could hear Kai’s voice, but she was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly she was standing behind him. He turned around and looked in her pink, dark eyes. All she was wearing was a robe. The robe was dark, just as her hair. She had shiny, black hair.


Douglas was staring at her. He didn’t know that she was that beautiful. He had only seen her in the dark the day before.

- Are you okay? She asked worried.

- I am okay… He answered short and simple.

- I have to get dressed up.


Kai went to find some clothes. When she came back she was wearing a tight, black costume, like she was going to fight or something. On both of her hips she had tight belts with a knife in. She WAS going out in a fight. She had a sword in her hand, and asked gentle:

- Are you ready to fight?

- Not really, but I can get ready. Douglas answered.

They went out, ready with weapons. In Kai’s world, Denya, they didn’t have guns, only knifes and swords.


Suddenly, a big, ugly monster came. Douglas didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know that things like that did exist in his world.


Kai took her sword up and said:

- Take the eyes, and I take care of the rest.

Douglas got his sword right in the monsters eye, the same with the other. Kai jumped and hit the monster right in the chest. He felled over.

- Good job, Douglas!

She had a beautiful smile. Her hair was turning to light pink and her eyes to light blue. She was out of danger.

- I have to go now, Douglas. I am princess in Denya. I am Kai Wrath! And if you ever need me, Douglas…

She gave him an electronic thing to communicate with her on.

- Just call me. She said and smiled.

Then she was gone. She had runed away, with an extremely speed, with the diamond she should bring back, in her hand.



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