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Task 1:

“We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Dheli, who is a world expert on the strange secret life of animals to our school.” We could all hear our headmaster’s scratchy voice through the speakers, while an old, but highly mannered lady took place at centre stage. As soon as she began talking, we could all hear at once that this was something that meant a great deal to her. Her speak was inspiring and overwhelming.


The secret life of animals is a fascinating subject, and I came to know all this interesting facts. Did you know that the world smallest lizards were found in the Caribbean in 2001, they were only 1,5centimetres! Well, she talked about a lot actually. She told us about prairie dogs, and that they are very sociable rodents, and that rival group of birds can be a good comparison to football, especially the Green Wood hoopoe from Africa, and that pentagon is planning on using sharks to track down sunken ships! We got to know all this fascinating things that we never thought about before, and I loved every minute of it.


Task 2:

Well, to begin with I have to say that I do agree with this former student. It is great to work in decency on the preparation day, because of the aid we can use, like a dictionary, the web and all among it. We can ask for help as well, and that way we can gather rather much information to our exam, which again can make our answers in a level beyond interesting, if we just take advantage of the information we gathered properly.


For my preparation day I was given a website where I could read texts that would prepare me for my exam. No, I did not use the wiki, or other websites but the one I was given. And I did take advantage of our library to find good information I could use. After I red all the many texts twice, I printed out all the pages and began to mark all the important keywords in the text with a marker-pen. In that way I could remember and focus on the most important in the text. So in the end, I prepared more or less the same way like this former student.


Task 3D: What meets the eye

It was a beautiful Thursday in May, and we were all gathered In Mrs. Applebee’s main living room. The room was bright and flourishes and we could smell that new made tea had rubbed its smell all around the walls and furniture. All of our friends were here, including Sir Nicholas and a mysterious looking man who sat on the white wooden chair. He’s name was Cornelius Fudge, and we did not know so much about him, only the fact that he was a quite clever man, or else he would not be here.


After a quiet time waiting for the tea, Sir Nicholas asked Mr. Fudge a regular question, who seemed to have a prominent, but interesting answer. ‘So, Mr. Fudge,’ Sir Nicholas started, ‘what kind of interesting assignments have you done lately, that is to impress us?’ Mr. Fudge drew a long sip from he’s new round of tea before he answered. ‘Well, lately I have been teaching the wonderful subject that is language, and may I say that I am rather proud of my genially pupil.’ Mr. Fudge Answered. ‘Ah, well that is very interesting,’ Mrs. Applebee said, and then she continued, ‘tell me, please, who is this pupil of yours?’


The room went quiet, as Mr. Fudge spoke. ‘Well, my pupil is a curious little thing, a bee actually, but we just call him Buttercup.’ At this point, Mrs. Applebee dropped her teacup and her jaw was hanging. All our eyes were glued to Mr. Fudge’s wide contended grin. I was the first one to open my mouth. ‘Are you going crazy as a jaybird man? A little bee?’ Mrs. Applebee was the next one to talk. ‘But sir, we all know that animals, or in this case, insects can not speak!’ Mr. Fudges grin was still wide, and then he answered ‘You have to use right tactics of course, but it can be done, and I’ve done it!’ He answered satisfied.


I could not believe it. This grown up man was sitting in a highly mannered company, and claiming that he teaches a bee called Buttercup, to speak our human language! This was absurd, madness! Sir Nicholas broke the tension. ‘Well I have never in my life let me be fooled by this nonsense! What are you proclaiming old man?’ Mr. Fudge could read our expressions, and looked at each and every one of us before he stood up in all this confusion. ‘If you do not believe me, why don’t you pour some sugar in the window frame? I’m sure Buttercup will come at once! He is in your garden, Mrs. Applebee, sucking the juicy nectar out of your blooming carnations and orchids.’ Claimed, Mr. Fudge as Mrs. Applebee stood next to the table star struck. ‘Err, well, okay’ Hesitated Mrs. Applebee, but then she headed for the window frame with a cup of the sweet brown sugar in her hand.

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