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Someone I once knew

Dikt jeg har skrevet inspirert av en gammel venn.

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I think we might fit perfectly together. It's just a thought, I know,  but you.. really look like someone I once knew.


Why can't we sit down in the grass, and drink coffee, soda and smoke sigars. Let the old women send their angry looks, while we read out loud from some dirty books. Pick flowers and throw them at each other, burn our homeworks and don't really bother. Eat chocolatechip-ice-cream, one for me, and one for you.


Becouse you look like someone I once knew. 


Why can't we talk about how we feel, about loughter and tears and hearts that heal. Let the problems get solved as we dream, about sharing one last chocolatechip- ice-cream. 

Sing songs that tells old stories, blow bubbles, dance weird dances and forget all worries

Lay down in the park and feel the sun, as we would if the sky was blue.


Becouse you look like someone I once knew.


Why can't we hold hands just for for fun. Steal apples from the neighbour and then run. Let the sun go down as we take a boat and travel far. Watch the dark sky and give our names to a star. Forget the fact that there's school tomorrow. Tell secrets and shear our joy and sorrow. Make a bet about swimming in to land. I'll almost drown, but you'll grab me with your hand. Say we'll live forever even thoug it isn't true.


Becouse you look like someone I once knew.

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