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Fight you off

Et dikt jeg har skrevet om min kamp mot Anorexia , "Ana".

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When your piercing voice screames at me, 

I turn my head, fight to be free.

You are the devil in desguise.

 Though you'r pure evil, you act so nice.


The perfect mask is long gone now. 

I trusted you, I don't know how.

Your the fakest thing I've ever met. 

You'll fill my belly with regret. 


I know there is the "heatlhy" way.

"That's just weak" you tell me every day.

Well weak, or strong.. I'm pretty sure,

That your the one I need to cure.


I find you hiding everywhere.

The music and lyrics , your even there.

It's like you keep reminding me, 

of how YOU want me most to be.


You poison thousands every day.

Not only celebrities like Mary K.

Shivering in they're bed they lie,

and two of ten of them will die.


I hate you more than death and sin.

Cou'se no matter what, I'll never win.

If I follow you, you'll steal my health.

If I fight you of, I'll hate myself.


The girls that think your just a friend,

Those girls are gonna understand.

It just will be to late to end.

You life threatening, lying, hatefull "friend".

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