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Du er her: Skole > "Free for All" by Syed Moin Ashraf

"Free for All" by Syed Moin Ashraf

Analyse av novellen Free for All skrevet av den indiske forfatteren Moin Ashraf.

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The short-story Free for All is written by the Indian author Moin Ashraf, and is taken from the collection Come Brother, Lie Down!: Multicultural Short Stories, which was published by Oxford University Press in 1999.    


The short story is mainly focused around the father Sayyid Ali Naqvi and his rebellious son. The father spends the whole story trying to make his son see what is right and wrong, according to his book.

The relationship between the father and son is, from the start, dysfunctional, and they have trouble discussing conflicts and disagreements with one and another. They have different options when it comes to social behaviour and on how to live life, and this conflict slowly tears their relationship apart. Both of them lack the ability to see the opposite side of the story, and this makes the conflict even more entangled.

How they act and their appearance is also very different. The father seems like an elegant and successful man, and because of his profession, as a physician, he is extremely wealthy, which makes him, in a lot of ways, a capitalist, who cares very much for money and material things. The son, on the other hand, feels exactly the reverse. His days are spent playing guitar in the city square and earning money that way, something which is completely the opposite of what the father has planed for his son. If he got it his way the son would be studying to become a doctor or an engineer.

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