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Wasted time?

Drøfting av betydningen av tv.

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Is watching television a waste of time? This is a frequently asked question; especially by people who are against the fact that too many of us spend too much of our days in front of a television or a computer screen, but is it really that bad?


The tabloids are swarmed with people telling us to get out of the sofa and stop wasting our time watching cheap reality, which, according to them, makes us even more stupid than we already are. Can it really hurt doing something you like, even though it means having to do this sitting down? What harm can it do? It must be something good about it as well?


It is a known fact that too much time sitting still, has a bad effect on our heath. A majority of overweight people do exercise too little and often spend too much of their time at rest. Despite this, we can not solemnly blame the use of televisions and computers for this. To watch television instead of being active is a choice we make and nothing you are forced to do. It is just as easy to choose to spend time with your family while going for a walk or while having fun otherwise, but stilling being active. On the other hand, it is not an unknown fact that, if you first have entered the evil circle, with sitting still will watch television and often additionally eating too much, it is hard to get out without help from others.

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