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Falling in love

Om det å falle i kjærlighet.

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It seems like love has excited since the beginning of time. Even in some of the oldest writings from ancient times, love has been described as an important structure of human society. Love between a man and a woman is considered the source of starting a new generation and the reason why mankind goes on.

Love is maybe the strongest emotion a person can feel. It can make a person extremely happy or very depressed. In the western world we believe that in a relationship both partners are equal. A relationship is built on respect and romance. You can find millions of books, movies, poems, songs and plays about love. It has a huge influence on us, and we all think we know exactly what "perfect love" is supposed to be. We have the idea that we have to show and tell each other that we love each other al the time, we have to have incredible sex, lots of money, a good paid job and a big house.

I think that we might have too high expectations for perfect love. Other cultures have a very different idea of love and marriage. Some believe that the most important reason to get married is to get children and true love develops after the wedding between a man and a woman. Parents and relatives often either decides or have a big influence on who their children ought to marry. We cannot say that our idea of love is more right than their idea. It is just different views.

Most people have experienced to fall in love. To fall in love is when you meet a person you somehow feel connected to. You feel you need one special person. Love makes you feel happy and excited. It fills your body with a strong, warming emotion which cannot be compared to any other feeling. If you are in love, you can hardly think of anything else but the person you are in love with. You want to be with him or her all the time, and you want that person to show you the same affection; show you that they care about you too. When you fall in love, it is like something inside "click" and tells you: "That’s the one!" Some times you fall in love the first time you look at the person. You can tell by the eyecontact that you two have something in common. You feel that you are somehow connected.

It is said that "loves makes you blind". I think that is a good way to describe how love can make you act. It can be described two ways. Either you know that the person you are in love with has some negative sides, but you act like you don’t know. You pretend for your own good that the negative sides does not exist. Or you focus so much on the person’s positive sides that you do not see their negative sides at all. Sometimes you are not just blind for the negative sides, but also for a good deal of what is going on around you. It is you are walking around in you own world where the only thing on your mind is that one person.

I believe that you can fall in love by the first sight, but I don’t believe in "Love at first sight". It takes a lot more to truly love a person than to fall in love. There is quite a big difference. Love develop after a longer period of time. Love can also be the love you have for your family, your friend or your pet. You are not in love with your dog, even though you love him.

I think that the best and most serious relationships come when friends fall in love. Most people have a good friend of the opposite sex, and sometimes the friendship becomes something more serious. Then you know both the positive and negative sides of the other person, but you find out that you are in love despite the negative things. To become boyfriend or girlfriend with your best friend can lead to a good and lasting relationship.

There are many reasons why relationships come to an end. It can be that both parties find out that they are just not in love anymore or that one person suddenly stops loving the other one. The other person can be badly hurt if that happens. Sometimes a relationship is ended because they live far apart and see each other very rarely. Some are ended, or never started, because the couples’ families does not approve of their relationship. The reason is often the cultural or social background. We all know Shakespeare’s tragic, but romantic story of Romeo and Juliet who fall in love, despite their families being enemies. It leads to lots of troubles for the couple.

Some are lucky, and find that the person they are in love with is in love with them too, but sometimes the other person doesn’t feel the same way. That is when this happy love-feeling becomes unhappy. It feels just like the word says; like your heart has broken into pieces. It can make a person very sad, bitter and hard to be with, and it can have serious consequences for a person’s self-esteem.

Most people have a dream or a hope of finding the right beloved. We all have different ideas of how we want our girlfriends or boyfriends to be, what qualities they should have. I have, like most people , my picture of own my future boyfriend should be like. Earlier I thought that a boys’ looks were one of the most important things, but I have experienced that it is not the fact. You can fall in love with a persons looks, but it is not enough to build a relationship upon.

The most important quality, I think is humor. If you can have fun with your boyfriend, the relationship becomes less boring and more interesting. To me it is very important to be able to laugh together. Another thing that is important to me is that the boy has to be smart. I don’t mean that he has to have very good grades or huge goals of his life, but he has to know and care about what is happening in the world today, and have his own point of view about subjects that matter. I have to be able to discuss with him! My dream-boy also has like to socialize and like to talk. He can be funny and playful, but at the same time mature enough to be honest and show me his feelings.

I believe love is the source of all the good in the world. Either it’s the love to your girlfriend, boyfriend, cat or it’s the love of your fellow beings. It is important for all human beings to have someone to love and to be loved.

All beauty on earth
lives in these eternal words:
I love you."

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