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She's leaving home

Ei ung jente forlater hjemmet sitt siden hun ikke orker foreldrene mer.

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When you read this you realized that I have now left you. I just need to have some time alone. I need to think some for myself. I don’t know if I ever come home to you again, I can’t call it my home anymore since it isn’t. I have always ignored what you have done to me, but I have to stand up for myself now. I have to stand on my own feet from now on.


I hope you except my choice. I left early this morning so I didn’t need to see your faces, I would manage that, but I want you to know that I haven’t left in anger. I don’t blame you for everything. I was also bullied at school, I couldn’t take it anymore. They said things to me that I can’t forget. They punched me and laughed at me, they broke my glasses and destroyed my homework. The teacher’s didn’t do anything about even if he knew what happen. The teachers treated me unfair.


I wrote this letter to you since I wouldn’t say it to you. You have been unfair to me, and you have treated me bad. You have always put me second. I can’t live with it anymore. I have often cried myself to sleep, but you didn’t notice. I came home crying and with ripped clothes, but you didn’t ask who did it, or what you could do to help. You ignore me and my problems; it feels like I am a burden for you.


I don’t think it will take so long time for you to forget me, since you never really have noticed me.


There is no point in looking after me, if I ever come back again it is because I have no other place to go. From now on you got no daughter and I got no parents. I hope you will feel the pain over losing your only child, like I have felt the pain by have parents that doesn’t care about me. This is the final goodbye, but I won’t cry or say I’m sorry, that should be your job.

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