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My new life

Engelsk brev fra en flyktning. Oppgave i engelsk tekstskriving.

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Achmed Abdullahio

North Street 21.

July 6th. 2012



Dear Mom and Dad


I’ve finally reached my destination, America. The trip was awful and not good at all. “The boat” (If you can call it a boat) was full of holes, and was in terrible shape. After some days, a smell started to develop. I figured out it was me, myself and I, since I had not showered in many days, and since I where stuck here on this showerless boat, I couldn’t do anything about it. There was people everywhere, young, old, children, grownups. People developed a fever and where sick. Two children even died. The crew on the boat didn’t care too much, and just wrapped them into bags and threw them off board. I felt horrible after that.


I was very happy when I could see the city of New York outside of the boat. The Liberty Statue standing there, and welcoming us to America. It just stood there, proud to be a part of America. But then what all of us feared, especially the ill ones, the medical test right outside the boat. If you as much as sneezed or cought it was right back home to Afghan.


We formed a long line, and one by one were tested. I heard at least eight, nine people who got the message: “I’m sorry, you are too sick to be here. You have to go home again”. That was the words I feared the most. I was last in line to get a check. They shove a flashlight down my throat, and took some tests. After a little while they told me”You look fine, go on”. It was like a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders.


I’ve been here for three months no, and life is not as easy as I thought it would be here in “The land of opportunities”. Well it is a lot beautiful things to see, and a lot to do. But when it comes to work, it seems like if you have the wrong skin colour, it’s about 70% harder to get a job than it is if you are white. But that’s just my opinion.


I work at a restaurant now, and I work day in and day out, but I have to do that to pay my bills, and a bit more. The reason I got this good job, was that I met a girl, Jenny. She is the most wonderful person I have ever met, and I think she might be the one for me. Jenny found me in the streets, looking hungry and dirty, so she let me come up to her apartment. She made me some food, and let me shower, and then we sat down and talked, and I feel we really connected. And if that’s not enough, she spoke to her dad, and he told her that it was a job open at his Restaurant. I took the job immediately. Here my skills in making kebabs paid off. And one of her friends had an apartment for renting, and they arranged a prize that was affordable even for me. This was a dream come trough.


I hope you can come over to “The land of opportunities” One time, and start a brand new, better life here, just as I did. When you come, maybe I even am married? Who knows?


Your son, Achmed

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