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Never say never

En historie som har sin handling på et sykehus.

Skrevet i 10. klasse.

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3. Write a story that takes place in a hospital. Choose your own title.


The night’s was dark that autumn. It was a lot of rain, and it was always cloudy. I was walking down to the shop, to buy something to eat. It was some hours after midnight, and it had just stopped raining. I taught that nobody was out at this time of the day, so I connected all out. I came to the place where I had to cross the road, to get to the shop. I had music in my ears, and danced my way over the road. When I was going back, it was more cars in the road. Maybe they were going back from parties and such. As I was waiting to cross the road, my music was thundering in my ears. That’s probably why I didn’t hear the black Audi in full speed down the road.


The white walls around me were light and sparkling. It was light everywhere. I didn’t feel pain anywhere, except in my upper body. It felt like a bomb had exploded inside my head, and one of my eyes would not open. I didn’t understand anything. The music was gone now. Where did it go? A woman came to me, probably around 30 years. She had white clothes, and long, blonde hair that was set up. She was leaning over my bed, and asked me with a soft voice; are you awake?

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