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Never say never

En historie som har sin handling på et sykehus.

Skrevet i 10. klasse.

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3. Write a story that takes place in a hospital. Choose your own title.


The night’s was dark that autumn. It was a lot of rain, and it was always cloudy. I was walking down to the shop, to buy something to eat. It was some hours after midnight, and it had just stopped raining. I taught that nobody was out at this time of the day, so I connected all out. I came to the place where I had to cross the road, to get to the shop. I had music in my ears, and danced my way over the road. When I was going back, it was more cars in the road. Maybe they were going back from parties and such. As I was waiting to cross the road, my music was thundering in my ears. That’s probably why I didn’t hear the black Audi in full speed down the road.


The white walls around me were light and sparkling. It was light everywhere. I didn’t feel pain anywhere, except in my upper body. It felt like a bomb had exploded inside my head, and one of my eyes would not open. I didn’t understand anything. The music was gone now. Where did it go? A woman came to me, probably around 30 years. She had white clothes, and long, blonde hair that was set up. She was leaning over my bed, and asked me with a soft voice; are you awake?


Are you awake? What a stupid question, you can see that I am awake. That’s what I wanted to tell her.


The days at the hospital was okay… At least the first hours, until my doctor came to me and told me about the damages I got, after the collision. I had broken many ribs, my arm, and my back. The worst news was that I would never be able to walk again! The doctors told me that I was paralyzed in my lower body. They told me that I probably never would be able to walk again. It was so painful to talk about it, so I decided to forget about it.


The weeks were quiet. I would not talk to anybody, not eat. I didn’t even talk to my family. I didn’t want them, because they would say things like “you will be alright, we can take care of you. You will get all the help you need.” I didn’t need help to accept that I am paralyzed. I need help to get better!!


The doctor told me that it was a chance. I could maybe learn to walk again, but it required a lot of me. I had to take an operation that was going to fix my back. I decided to take the chance. I didn’t want to be the cripple that needed special treatment.


The operation was successful. Everybody working at the hospital was proud of me. My bitterness wasn’t as bad as it used to be, and I was not talking to my family again. The only thing they said now was “don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t work”. I was on hard drugs, and didn’t remember anything from the first months. But in the end I made it. My head caught up more and more of what was going on around me.


It was a hard time, with a lot of training and hard work. The first days the doctors told me that I had done a lot of progress. But then it stopped. I didn’t make it further, and the negative mood was back at my parents and the doctors. You can notice when it’s something wrong at a hospital. Everyone around you are quiet, and they treat you like a piece of glass that’s going to brake anytime. But I said no to quit the treatment. I didn’t want to give up, even if everybody else gave up before. All the doctors said “it will not work, its so few that has ever made it before. And we don’t think his one of them.” Behind my back.


I used 2 years of my life in treatment at a special hospital to get better. It was special doctors, that was so negative that its almost to laugh at. The only thing I heard was “it won’t work, he will never be able to walk again”. Off course they didn’t say it directly to me, but I heard it. After two loooong years I was standing outside the hospital. Yes, standing. I was ready to go home. I had made it! Never say never! Everything is possible if you just want it enough.

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