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Du er her: Skole > The Faun, The Fairy and a Clock Smith

The Faun, The Fairy and a Clock Smith

Fantasyhistorie som jeg skrev på skolen på skriveøkt på to timer.

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The first thing I remember from the strangest day in my life, was yawning, stretching, opening my eyes and thinking; “Where the hell am I?”


I woke up by something poking my left arm with something sharp. I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t see clearly because of the sun was shining so bright that I couldn’t see. I turned my head slowly, hoping to get a better look at who was poking my arm. And what I saw wasn’t exactly what I expected to see. A man, or a goat, I wasn’t sure. He had the upper body of a man, the lower part of a goat and the head was a little bit of both. Now that he had seen that I was awake, he said; “Good, follow me, you are not supposed to be here!” I looked around, and “here” was a very beautiful place. It looked like a huge garden, with the greenest grass I had ever seen, the most exquisite threes and fruits, a lot of colorful flowers and several creatures I had never seen before. Suddenly the half man half goat grabbed my arm and started dragging me into the forest. “Come on, we don’t have all day!”


While we were walking, I thought I just as well could ask him what he was, and why I was here. I wasn’t the type of guy who was a big fan of silence.

“Excuse me sir, do you mind me asking you a question?”

“I’m a faun, if that was what you were wondering”

“Yes, actually, how did you know?”

“It’s not so hard to figure out, considering the amount of people that’s never been to a so called fantasy world and never seen anything but the ordinary!” I had to laugh.


I followed him for a long time, and thought I was really stupid who actually followed a faun. Suddenly I noticed we were out of the forest and that we were standing at the end, or start of a desert. “Well, human, it’s time to go. You have to follow this path, good luck!” He ran into the forest again and before I knew it, he was out of sight. “Good luck, my ass!” I shouted, bud I figured that standing here, cursing would certainly not get me anywhere, so I might as well start to walk. After walking for, well, I don’t know, a really long time, I saw something lying on the ground. It was I little golden clock, and it showed 10.30. I starred at it for a while when suddenly the numbers started to mix, it looked like they were melting into each other. The whole clock started to melt and after only a few seconds it was like my hands ran thru water. I got a little worried, but kept on going. Still thinking about the golden clock, a little house came to sight. It looked like an old shop. I went inside, to find even more clocks. They came in every size and shape you could ever imagine. I was standing in the middle of the shop when I suddenly heard someone cry. I followed the sound into the back of the shop, and came to a room filled with clocks that looked broken. Behind a little desk, there sat a little man with his hand covering his face.

“Are you okay?” I asked carefully. He removed his hands, and looked me straight in my eyes. He looked about 60-70 year old. He had short white/grey hair and had an impressive beard that would even make Santa Claus jealous. But it was his eyes that got my attention, they were small red clocks!

“Do I look okay!?”

"No, I can’t say that you do. But what's the matter?" I asked. I took a step back.

“No one will buy my clocks anymore!” he shouted.


“Because they are melting. The evil prince cursed my shop. You see, I gave him this beautiful clock once, but a few days later he came back, saying it was broken. He said he hadn’t done anything, he said that it just happened, so I said that my clock doesn’t just break all by them selves! Then he got really angry, and the prince isn’t exactly known for dealing well with people who doesn’t always agree with him. So, he cursed my shop, and only the Fudge Fairy can help me!” He started crying again.

“Who is the Fudge Fairy?”

“She lives in the marshmallow forest! But the prince knew that se was the only one who could help me, so now she is trapped in the big castle on the other side of the desert, with a huge dragon guarding her.!”

“No problem, I will figure it out, and I will break your curse.”


I hated the desert. I was hungry and very thirsty! There were green and yellow rabbits everywhere, and I started to hate the desert even more. Right before I was about to give up and head back to the clock smith I heard I loud roar. I thought that it had to be the dragon, and since I heard the roar so well I figured I couldn’t be far away. And I was right. I walked about five more minutes and a huge castle came to sight. All I had to do now was to get past the dragon, rescue the Fairy and break the curse. But how? All of a sudden the big dragon came right towards me, so I started running. Thinking I was pretty stupid coming here thinking I could handle a dragon. Then I thought of a book I read as a little boy, remembering that dragons were scared of water. Because if the water came into their eyes, they would go blind. But when I looked around me, there was no sight of any water, but then it came to mind that the clock smith had given me a watch, and if I held it long enough in my hands it would melt, so I grabbed the watch in my pocket, stopped running, and waited for the dragon to come close enough. And when it finally did, I threw the water in it’s eyes. It clearly worked because it started screaming like crazy. I was really fascinated by the loud screaming, but I figured I hadn’t anymore time to waste. So I ran inside of the big castle, and started looking for the fairy. It was quit big, so I thought it would take some time to find her. Suddenly I remembered the story about The Sleeping Beauty, and how she was trapped in the tallest tower in the entire castle, so I thought I would give it a shot. It wasn’t like I had anything to lose. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, thinking it would suck, if she wasn’t there. Then I had run all of the stairs for nothing. I finally came to the top, and kicked the door open. And there she was. The Fudge Fairy. I ran over to her, grabbed her arm, thinking the introductions could wait. At least until we know that we are safe.


The clock smith was standing outside of his shop, waiting for me. I have never seen such big smile, when he noticed I had the Fudge Fairy with me. Ten minutes later, the clock smith was back in business, making clocks that didn’t melt. I sat at a little table admiring all of the clocks, when he came up to me saying; I’ve been thinking about something, how would you like to learn how to make clocks? I need someone to take over the shop, you know I am not exactly young anymore!” I looked surprised at him and said;

“I would be honored to, but only if you teach me!”

“Of course I will, let’s start right away!”

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