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The thief who stole England

Oppgaver fra engelsktentamen, inkludert starten på en roman.

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The section on What are Bridges is about bridges in a physical form. Like the Roseman covered bridge, the aqueducts, The Mostar Bridge and The Glide Floss Bridge to Bridge Run. Bridges are fine pieces of engineering technology, and they are symbols of power, wealth and prosperity. Building a bridge is both difficult and complicated. You also learn, through an experiment, the basics about how to make a bridge as strong as possible.


The text I liked best in this section was the text about the aqueducts. The aqueducts provided clean water to the people of Rome. Clean water is a necessity for a good health. The Romans were strong believers of personal hygiene, and Rome had nine aqueducts running into the city, providing the public baths, latrines and sewers with water. I find it fascinating that they were able to build so complicated structures so many years back in time, when they were lacking the technology and machines we have today.




At my preparation day, I worked with the texts in several different ways. First I skimmed through all the texts in section A. I wanted to know what they were about, before choosing a part to dig into. I choose part 1. Then I looked at the pictures and headlines, and skimmed through it once again before reading it more carefully. After that, we were divided into groups. As the majority of my group did not quite understand the texts, I used a lot of time explaining it to them. This also helped me, because it forced me to really think about what I was reading. I also read the texts in part B and C. As well as skimming through the source to each text.


I found my preparation very useful. Though a lot of time was wasted doing very little, the time I spent working I stayed focused, and at the end of the day, I felt that I had an understanding of what the texts were about, and which of the 3 parts I was going to write about.



TASK 3 – B

I am planning a novel with an action/thriller theme.


The thief who stole England - Summary

The year is 1642. A burglar breaks in to the Tower of London; he’s after the Crown Jewels.


Jack has been planning the break in for months, making the necessary preparations. He gets a hold of the Jewels, but unfortunately he is spotted by the one of the sentries on the ground as he is scaling the exterior wall of The Tower. This is the start of a neck breaking rabbit chase through the streets of London.


He is just about to give up, when suddenly The London Bridge looms over him. His prayers have been heard. He sprints across it, and in the dark and narrow alleys of the poorest part of London, he manages to hide from the patrols.


He soon discovers that finding a buyer for the Crown Jewels are much harder than he anticipated. The hunt for the thief seems to never stop, and even the poor and homeless contribute to the search.


After weeks of paranoia he is contacted by a gentleman who offers to pay him good money, if he manages to sneak back into The Tower, and put the Jewels back at their rightful place.



The thief who stole England

He closed his eyes and relaxed. He waited until he had caught his breathing before he opened his eyes, and twisted his neck so he was looking behind him. Under him he could see the sleeping city of London, enveloped by darkness. There were only a few lights still fighting it. He watched as some of them slowly faded, giving in to the darkness. Leaving only a handful left fighting the ever growing dark. He could barely make out the outlines of The London Bridge in the distance; lighted only by a single row of torches.  Jack suddenly felt the sensation of emptiness creeping up his spine. He shook it off, and concentrated on the task ahead.


Even though he had scaled the entire Tower, and was now hanging from a bolt he had hammered in between two bricks, his limbs didn’t burn and he wasn’t gulping for air. In fact, his limbs didn’t even feel numb, and only a slight trickle of sweat was making its way down the side of his head from his temple. He cast a quick, thankful thought to the conditioning he had been going through the last six months as a part of the extensive preparations.

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