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Guy Fawkes' last plot

Inneholder en kort artikkel på engelsk om en hending på Tower of London.

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In the last few days something odd has been going on around Tower of London. Shades have been seen, voices have come from nowhere and things have moved from place to place without anyone even touching them. Are this just some guys doing tricks to people, or is there something supernatural going on at Tower of London?


An early October morning, a young lady named Verona Nixon took a picture inside the castle where a strange face appeared behind some bars. She sent the image to a newspaper who found out that the face belonged to Guy Fawkes.


Further investigations showed that Guy Fawkes belonged to a group of Roman Catholic restorationists from England who has also planned the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. The motive behind this plot was to blow up Houses of Parliament and kill James The first of England and all of the parliament’s members at the opening date of Houses Parliaments in 1605. They were revealed right after they had lit the fuses. All of the members were set to prison. Guy Fawkes was sent to the Tower of London to prison as they thought he was the leader. He set in the white tower in prison for a few years, and got executed the “Hanged, drawn and quartered” way. First he was dragged on a hurdle to the execution place, then hanged for a short time, until he was almost dead, then he was divided into four parts while he watched himself get severed apart until he drained out of blood, and died.


This may be the last plot of Guy Fawkes from the other side, where he tries to get his revenge. Or is this just a trick, done by some playmakers, so close to Halloween?



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