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The Dwarf

En gutt som er alene hjemme og som lett blir skremt.

Karakter: 5+ (8. klasse)

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It was Tuesday night. Everything was like it used to be. I was sitting in the living room watching TV, while my mom and dad was at their dancing lessons. I could have been there dancing tango or polka if I wanted too, but I was a 12 year old boy with the whole life in front of me, I could not risk that somebody saw me. And I didn’t really care about dancing anyway. That were for girls, I liked to do boys stuff. Like sitting at the computer, play football or simply just chill out at the sofa, like now… I was a completely normal kid.


It was only one thing. I was really, and then I mean really, easy scared and I thought nearly everything and everyone had something scary on their minds. Once I thought I heard a hungry monster under the terrace, when it just was the neighbors’ cat. And other time I thought that an old lady at the boutique was a witch that wanted to put me in her big pitch with sup.


That were a really big problem right now, cause it was nobody else than me in the house. So I sat in our big, comfortable sofa and tried to focus at my homework, and not on witches, monsters, vampires or evil dwarfs.


But suddenly I heard a really weird sound from upstairs. It sounded like a –BOOM–. And you could just guess what I was thinking on. I sat and wondered if I should go up and see what were going on, or if I just should stay and try to not think on it. Then I heard another sound like if somebody was walking around up there. I decided to go up. I do not now why, but something said to me that it was best to go.


I went up the stairs slowly and as fast as I had went up the stairs I entered the room the sound had came from. It was the office, and it was a mess. A bunch of large books lied on the floor. Huh, it was just a stable with books which had felled over. I was so relieved that I didn’t saw what was standing on the other side of the room. I did not see it before I started to think that a stable of books could not just welt.


In front of me it stood a little creature, he was wearing green clothes and his shoes had two small knobs on the front. He had a long beard which covered the most of his face. His hear looked like a jungle, standing out from everywhere. He was like taken out from a fairytale.


I thought it was a dwarf. Once I read a book where a small, evil dwarf were walking around killing everyone he met. No I was really scared; in fact, I had never been so scared before. I also peed on my self. But I didn’t cared. I was so scared that I could not speak. I wanted to say, - Who are you? What are you doing in my house?

The dwarf came nearer me, and suddenly he said:

- What are you doing here? He had a deep, scary voice. And he sounded really angry.

- I l-live here, I said scared like I was.

- Hrmf…

But then I forgot to be afraid. He had no right to just come here and ask what I was doing in my own house!

- Hi! I am asking the questions here, what are you doing in this house?

He saw at me like if I was the weird one here. And he said:

- Haven’t your parents taught you to respect older people boy?

Ops, no he was going to kill me. I just knew it. He had shouted to a crazy dwarf, so smart like I was.

- I am sorry, but what are you doing here? I said very low, I am not sure he heard it.

- Fine, I am a house goblin, I live in the walls and secret rooms in this house, happy now?

- So you are not evil?

- Evil? What are you taking me for, I can be a little irritable sometimes, but I have said too much already.


I was shocked, the evil dwarf was a nice, irritable house goblin? This had to be a joke. The house goblin took something out of his pocket, it looked like pink sand. He mumbled something and threw the sand over me. Suddenly I felt very tired, and I fell asleep. I don’t now how long I slept, but when I woke up, all the books were cleared up in stables. And it was no sign for the house goblin. I decided to not tell anyone about this, people would think I was crazy. So I went down to the living room and went back to the normal.


The house goblin never came back, something I’m really happy for.

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