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The unknown people

En kort stil om en indianerjente som forteller om sine første tanker, og sitt syn når innvandrerne kommer til USA.

Skrevet i 9. klasse.

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Who are they? What do they want? Where do they come from? My first thought was many. I was standing on the mountain, my eyes was on the beautiful ocean.. A big ship was anchored in the bay. The ship were full of unknown people.


I ran and ran, deep in the big forest. While I was sitting their, I relaxed. I tried to let my frustration go away. I tried to only think about the good things in my life. About my big family, the nature and the precious animals. I remember I sat on a rock, thinking about the future. Who I was. Who I was going to be.. Life was always easy before, no worries. We all just lived our lifes, we were taking care of each other.


After a while many friends and I started to worrie about our future. All these people was coming in to the land and we were happy to share with them and wish them welcome. Eagle and Bull, two young, brave boys got a task of the chief. Their task was to ride down the mountain and ask the immigrants. Who they were, and what they wanted. They failed.


The people who came to our land, did not talk the same language as us and some of them was arrogant and seemed tired. They was lessing out goods and suitcases. Some in the tribe thought that we could start a fight againt the immigrants. They were so proud.. I remember many men in our tribe started to getting aggressive, they thought that the immigrants was dangerous, hunted our animals and was taking over our land. The whole tribe split up, some was scared, some angry and some was just curious. After a while I saw that the aggressive ones had right and slowly one after one tribe member was gone.

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