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I'm leaving home

Et brev til foreldrene fra en som rømmer hjemmefra.

Karakter: 6 (10. klasse)

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Dear mom and dad.

I’m not coming back. I’ve had enough. No more drunken parents smoking inside. Dad, now you don’t have to kick me out when your women are visiting. Mom, you don’t have to yell at me anymore when I make a mess. You are free now, and so am I. Don’t even try to find me.


You think I’m so happy with my life, that you are treating me like a princess. You think it doesn’t matter when you smoke inside as long as it’s just in the kitchen. So what if I have to be outside a couple of hours in the evening when one of your girlfriends is visiting? I’ll tell you something! The kitchen is the nicest room in the entire house, and now the ceiling is black and the room stinks. Actually it’s really cold and creepy outside, homeless drug addicts walking around looking for someone to rape.


I remember when I played football when I was younger; all the parents came and cheered, except you. There was always something in the way. Work, work, work! The only thing I’ve learned from this is that I know how to behave towards my children. How much it means for them that their parents come and cheer when they are playing football.


When some of my friends and I went to the cinema one day, none of the parents could come. I hadn’t asked my parents, so I called. You couldn’t come because you had had a drink. It was always the same.  


After a while they stopped inviting me. All the parents picked us up when it was their turn. Except you, the weekend was drinking time. And the other parents said to their children that my parents should drive sometimes, if not they had to stop asking me to come.


Because of you I’m left without friends, they stopped coming to my place because of the smell, the smell got in my clothes. No one came near me. How embarrassing it is when the other children say that your house stinks. They stopped inviting me to things because my parents never drove. Just the smoking gang at school didn’t care. But I didn’t want to be friends with them.


I really hope my words will make you think. So my sister won’t go through the same when she gets older. I hope you will get help with your drinking and smoking problem that you haven’t realized is a problem. You need to understand that I’ll be better off without you draging me in the wrong direction. I hope you won’t make the same mistakes again.


I would like to say some things to you, mom. You always say to me that I can’t be friends with the children at school who smoke and party every weekend. Well, isn’t that coming from the right person? Your friends all smoke and you drink together every weekend. You should consider getting new friends. I really wish I could be honest when I talk to you. But all the consequences scare me. I am to afraid to tell you anything. I don’t feel that we have a normal mother-daughter relationship at all. I think you’d kill me if you knew all the things I had done, things you say I’m way too young to know about. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep because I hate my life and I hate how you behave. I can’t take that anymore.


I hope you understand why I’m doing this. I hope you change your ways. I hope my sister doesn’t have to go through the same things. I hope she doesn’t get embarrassed when she gets older.


This is my last goodbye. I loved you.

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