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The tribe leader's wife

Life is 10% what happens to me, and 90 % of how I react to it.

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the story is based on the photo on page 35.

Being a tribe leader is no easy job. But being the tribe leader's wife, is not so easy either. All my adult life, I had been standing by my husband in his every decision. Even though I thought he was making the wrong decision, I stood by - faithfully.


I loved him, more than anything, and when the time came, and he wanted to have children, I disposed myself. We tried, over and over and over. He became more and more cloistered, and after a few years, we were both so disappointed and crabby, that we hardly talked to each other any more. We kept trying though, without much enthusiasm. I was really unhappy and I could hardly look him in the eyes, because I though it was my fault. Maybe I wasn't doing it right. Maybe I wasn't good enough. Maybe there was something wrong with me.


We tried everything. Herbal tea, massages, hot baths, etc. Everything. But nothing worked. He took it really hard, and I prayed everyday for a miracle. But it was useless. I wasn't able to give him a baby.

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