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Tricked to death by internet

This newspaper article is about a boy named Rachum who's getting killed by two men and tricked by a women.

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The young boy Ofir Rachum (16) got tricked to death by his internet girlfriend.


Friday 19.01.2001 Ofir got buried. Now his parents warn everybody else.

- Please, keep your children away from the internet, it kills.


Ofir was very data interested, he loved to chat on the internet. Now lately he began a hot internet romance with a older American girl, who was a tourist in Israel. They’d met once before in Jerusalem, and Ofir was very proud of his internet girlfriend.


Ofir left his home on Wednesday, and didn’t come back.


Boasted of his girlfriend

He bragged to his friends about that he was going to meet his internet girlfriend. The woman who met him was most likely a Palestinian girl who tricked him to death. Palestinian witnesses have explained that they saw a car with a young man and a woman on a road on their way to out of Jerusalem. Suddenly they were bypassed by a Ford Transit who stopped in front of their car. Two men with masks jumped out of the Transit and shot the young man fifteen times. After that they ripped his body out of the woman’s car and into the Transit. After that they drove again, while the woman followed. One of the witnesses was interviewed by Israeli television.


Shocked Witnesses

-I saw the boy lying on the ground before he was dragged out inn to the Transit.

The Palestinian witness said to the Israeli television


Police think they know who did this

The Israeli police believe he was shot by members of the Palestinian Tanzim group, which they suspect of setting up a trap through a chat room.


“This was a horrible murder. We will do everything we can do to catch and judge this   murderer”  the Israeli Prime Minister said on Israeli television.


Ofir’s body was found on Thursday 18.01.2001

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