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Du er her: Skole > Beauty


En langsvarsoppgave om en jente som blir skadet i en rideulykke..

Karakter: 4+ (8. klasse)

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A windy day in November Amy and her friend Nina went out for a ride. It was Amy’s birthday, and she had got a new saddle from her parents. The first snow had already fall and it was ice on many of the lakes. It was a perfect day for a ride. Amy and Nina had planned this ride for nearly a week. Amy’s mom had packed some lunch for them. Nina had packed a tent so they could sleep out.


Amy’s horse, Beauty, snorted. She doesn’t like the snow, Amy explained to Nina. Nina’s horse, Bounty, trots beside Beauty and shake his head, as to say it was nothing to be afraid of. It seemed to work, because Beauty became calmer. Then they come to a field covered with snow. “Her is a good place for a gallop” Nina sad, and a few seconds after she and Bounty was half across the field.


Amy wasn’t late to follow her and tear off over the field. When they came to the end of the field Nina stopped Bounty and waited for Amy and Beauty. Amy pulled the rein to make Beauty stop, but a mouse came up from the ground and scared Beauty. She whinnied and rear and ran into the forest with Amy on her back.


Everything around Amy turned into a fog of colors. Twigs beat her in her face and she could not see. Beauty began to run faster and faster. After a while Amy could hear the cars on the motorway. The cars got closer and closer. Amy tried to stop Beauty but she just ran even faster. Now Amy could see the motorway. She closed her eyes and waited. Maybe it was just a nightmare, and soon she would wake up in her bed. But she new, that it wasn’t a nightmare. When she opened her eyes she and Beauty were right in front of a car. Amy could hear cars hoot and she could feel it when the car hit Beauty. Then, everything turned into dark.


Amy opened her eyes. Everything around her was white, and in the ceiling there was a lamp. She heard voices but could not distinguish the words. The voices sound happy but scared at the same time. Everything she saw was hazy but after a wile she could distinguish some people that were standing at the floor beside her bed. “Mom, Dad?” She asked. Her mom screamed. “She’s alive!” she said. “She’s alive!”


Amy and her parents went home. She had been told by the doctor that she should stay in bed and tell her parents if she felt bad. But when she lay in her bed she remembered Beauty. What had happened to her? She ran downstairs to her parents. “What happened with Beauty?” she screamed. Her parents looked sad. “We decided that you should decide what we should do with her” her mom murmured. Then they told Amy that Beauty had got some damage in the accident. Her riding teacher had tried to ride her but without success.


Amy was crushed. Her favorite horse had become impossible to ride. No one could come close to her, not even to feed her. Did that meant they had to put her down? She doesn’t even want to think the taught.


The next day Amy and her mom went down to the stable. Amy’s mom had said that maybe Beauty would calm down when she saw Amy. When they arrived Amy jumped out of the car and run down to the stable. There she met the Riding-teacher. She showed Amy the stable where Beauty stood. She looked horrible. Her fur was dirty and she had many big cuts that were bleeding. Amy opened the stable-door and walked in to Beauty. At first it looked like Beauty would let her touch her, but then she whined and Amy had to run out of the stable.


Amy didn’t eat the whole day. She wasn’t hungry. They had to put Beauty down. It was nothing she could do. Her mother wanted to go for a walk and asked Amy to come with her. But she said she want to stay at home. In the evening she was surf the internet. There she found an advertisement for a man who cures problem-horses. She had to try him! It was the only chance she had to save Beauty. There was a phone number there. She doesn’t even think of asking her parents first. She picked up the phone and called the number. Then she heard a voice at the other side at the telephone line. She almost screamed when she told him about the accident and the horse she loved so much. The man who was called Mr. Lowy promised to come the next day. Amy run down and told her parents what she had donned, and her mother said that it was OK if it doesn’t cost too much.


The next day Mr. Lowy arrived. Amy couldn’t help it, but she nearly screamed. She had imagined him as a grown up man, but in front of her there was standing a boy who couldn’t be so much older then her self. “Are you Mr. Lowy?” she asked. The boy smiled at her a said softly “yes, but just call me James.” “Now I would like to se your horse please.” He was so gentle that Amy had to control her self for not to just stand there and look at him. But she showed him Beauty and after that they went home. “She has stopped trusting people” he established. “It maybe takes some time to cure here, but I’ll do my wary best.”


The next week James worked with Beauty every day. Many times Amy was just hanging over the fence, looking at them. At the first Beauty didn’t do any of the things James wants her to do. But now she was as another horse. Then one day, when James had worked with Beauty he said. “I think she is ready to be ridden.” Amy couldn’t believe her ears. The Horse she loved so much, witch she taught they had to put down, was ready to be ridden again! It was amazing. Amy climbed up on the fence to watch James ride Beauty. “I’m not going to ride her,” a soft voice said behind her.


She turned around and there James stood with a saddle Beauty. “But you said that she was ready to be ridden again!” Amy complained. “Yes, she is,” James said, but not of me. Amy gaped, “you mean I am going to ride her? Isn’t it best if you ride her first and see if she is safe?” “If you sit up now, you have to trust her that she doesn’t run away with you” James explained. “If you don’t trust each other, she is going to run away with you again. You have to trust her, show her that it’s nothing to be afraid of. That she is safe with you.” Amy tried to understand everything that James had said; but before she was finished, James pushed her back to Beauty and helped her up.


It was hard to believe that just some weeks ago Beauty was that wild horse she had been. She and Amy worked perfect together, and soon they galloped over the same field she and Nina had galloped over just some weeks ago.

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