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An upcoming star!

Handler om en jente som blir mobbet, men som står i mot og får hevn.

Engelsktentamen, høsten 2009.

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Task 2:The laugh-maker

1. Something I learn about the tribe of the bears was that they are well-fed and happy. It's a large Indian tribe and on certain days the tribe went '' a-laughing ''. The village they live in is near the Great Water.

2. The stranger was a person that stayed in the village, but he was not a member of the tribe. His wife was a member and she always went '' a-laughing ''.

3. When the tribe went '' a-laughing '' he did not feel like going and stayed at home with his little son.

4. He hide on a bushy top of a tall pine that he climbed so he could see what they did when they went '' a-laughing '' .

5. By the water the Indians gathered on a bay, and as soon everybody was quiet, an old Indian walked to the edge of the water and called in a loud voice :
''E-ha-we-cha-ye-la-e-ha-un-pelo''. When he had called four times, a small creature appeared in the water and began to swim towards the shore. Little by little the strange thing climbed out of the water and onto a rock. The laugh-maker was hairless and wrinkled like a newborn child. It had the funniest feet, or hands, or flippers, that it tried to walk with. But it only stumbled and fell over. In the water it was graceful, but on dry land it was so clumsy and ridiculous that the Indians started to laugh.

6. The stranger didn't laugh, because he didn't think it was funny and could see nothing to laugh at.

7. The little boy wished to imitate the old Indian. He went out alone on the beach and called on the laugh-maker four times like the old Indian.

8. The laugh-maker was killed by the stranger. The stranger fitted a sharp arrow to the bow and pierced the little laugh-maker to the heart. He walked into the water and took his skin.

9. The stranger made a sack out of it for his arrows.

10. The stranger left the village, because he knew that the would kill him when they discovered what he had done.

The upcoming star
Task 2


A story about a girl and her will to become the best.


- Hi, fatty! Alice and her friends shouted.
- Can you please stop bother me. I said.

- Ha ha, what is your best time when we run 3 miles on school? Was it 24 minutes?
- No, in fact it was 23 minutes and 43 seconds.
- Oh, you are a fast runner, Alice said.
My eyes burned. I wished that I could knock her down, but I haven't got any friends to support me. Some day, some beautiful day, me, Sally Cooper will get the revenge.

I woke up Monday morning, I heard the rain. Great! I was not in the mode for gymnastics and it was running today. I tried to fake a fever, but it didn't work. Well, it was worth the try. The first person I met on my way to school was Alica, the worst bully on my school.

- Hi Sally!
- Hi Alica. I answered confused. Why did she talk to me? It was almost in a friendly way to.
- I just wonder if you want to join me in a running competition in Brighton in October?
- Me? But.. Why? I'm the slowest runner in our class. I had not finished the sentence before Natasha, Alice's best friend walked towards us.

- I want you to join me for one reason.

Alica's tone wasn't that friendly anymore.
- So I can humiliate you!
In that moment, I decided to accept the invitation. This was my chance to get a perfect revenge on Alice. The things she told me wasn't kind, however she was nice to me in 15 seconds.

After school my dad an I went to the big mall here in Birmingham and bought shoes and workout clothes. When we ate dinner I told my parents about the competition in Brighton. They were surprised and maybe a little happy. After the dinner I put on my workout clothes and went to the woods to run. It was the two worst hours in my life. My brown hair and brown eyes was full of sweat and I was really, really tired. In spite of this I didn't gave up.



I woke up by the rain and my alarm-clock. It was Monday morning,
05.30 am. If I would have any chance to beat Alice I had to train hard, every day, seven days a week. On Saturday I read on the Internet that
'' The NOKIA running competition 09 '' was the biggest running competition in England with over 20 000 participants. In my class it was 240 participants from all over England competing. It was four weeks left and I had no time to lose, nevertheless it was tiring to wake up and run before school everyday. I pretended like I was still a slow runner in the gymnastics on school, so I could surprise Alice.

4 weeks later


Today was the day. The journey from Birmingham to Brighton took about 5 hours and I was tired. The competition was the day after so we went to the beach in Brighton.


- Hi, welcome to this year NOKIA running competition in Brighton.
The first race today is '' Class B girls 15 years '' The speaker said.
- Well, good luck fatty!
- Good luck yourself Alice.
- 10 seconds left. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Go!

The track was 3 miles long and after 500 meters I felt really good. A girl from London was very fast so I decided to follow her. After 1 mile, Alice, the London girl and I ran from the other girls.
After 2 miles I sprinted right past Alice and the blond girl from London, but Alice followed me. It was Alice against me, this was my chance to get the perfect revenge. I had to win!

- Tired?
- No, I answered.
- Oh, no! Christina from London is right behind us, look!
I looked behind me and I didn't saw anyone. Why did she say that and before I finished thinking Alice was ranging bone on me.
My knee hurt incredibly. I got on my feet and sprint after Alice like never before. It was 100 meter left to the finish line and I saw her black hair and red and black workout clothes 20 meters in front of me. This day was perfect and I knew that I could make it and I did. The big crowd hailed me.
The revenge was a matter of fact.
Sally Cooper won the gold medal.

7 years later

The daily mirror :
Sally Cooper won the World Cup 2016!
The sun :
England loves you Sally!
We have a world champion!
Sky sports :
Sally the queen!

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