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The Truth

Allison får besøk av den den drepte venninnen Sarah i drømmene, som ber henne finne "sannheten". Allison prøver å finne ut av om det var en annen en den som tilsto drapet som myrdet Sarah.

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It was the summer two years ago. My friend Sarah and I sat in the local cafe, relaxing with some cold drinks. It was the hottest day that summer, and I felt like we almost melted away. Outside, we could hear kids playing football. Suddenly, Sarah leant over the table and looked into my eyes: «You have to find the truth, Allison.»


And then I woke up. It was only a dream. Again. Why did Sarah keep telling me to find the truth i my dreams, again and again? The dreams made me wake up all the time, and the lack of sleep was really beginning to show at my grades. It was two years since Sarah was murdered at the cafe, the same cafe as the dream. I was not there, but except from that, my dream is excatly like that summer day two years ago. The murderer admitted the murder only a few days after Sarahs death, so I did not understand what truth I was supposed to find. What if the wrong man is in jail for the murder of Sarah? Could that really be true?


It was a big shock to all of us to learn about her death. Especially Sarah's boyfriend Luke grieved a lot. His reaction of Sarah's death was surprising, he and Sarah fought all the time when she was alive, and he is not exactly the nicest guy at earth. He skipped school for many months, and his parents went really angry with him. The only thing they care about is Luke getting a good education.

Now, most of us were getting past that, and Sarah just seemed like a blurry memory in my head.

Well, I could not go back to sleep, so I decided to search the internet for news about Sarahs death. If Sarah really was killed by a different person, the least I could do was researching.


«The killer of Sarah Bondhart, Thomas Greene, is now dead, after two years cancer...» The article was dated one year ago. I did not know this. My heart was beginning to pound, but I did not know why. What did this mean? I browsed quickly trough the article: «...he knew he was going to die, and he also knew it when he killed Bondhart.» I searched for more news, but could not find anything interesting. I decided to go back to sleep.


I was at the cafe again. Sarah smiled. «You're getting closer. Finally». I looked at her. «Sarah, you have to help me. Who killed you?» Sarah smiled, and shook her head. «Sorry, Al. I'm just here to help you, not give you the answer.» I looked at her, desperate. «What do you mean, you're not here to...? For God's sake, Sarah, at least give me a hint.» Sarah smiled. «Okay then. Angela Greene. I'm not telling you anymore now. Good luck in finding my murderer.»


Angela Greene. Who was that? Of course! She had the same family name as the «killer», Thomas Greene. She must be related to him. I did not know he had any relatives. As far as I knew, Thomas Greene was just a poor lonely man, living in an old house outside the city.


I could not go to school today, I had to find out more. I could not let Sarah down now. First of all, I had to find Angela. I searched the internet again, and found her adress. She lived alone in the neighbouring city. I had to go by train, but it did not matter. She was Thomas Greene's daughter. I also found out that she had no job, so I wondered how she made a living. I decided not to tell my parents, they would never let me skip school just because of a dream. But I knew that Sarah wanted me to find her killer, and nothing could stop me.


After a few hours on the train, and one hour searching for Angelas house, I was finally there. The house was big and beautiful, and outside it had a big beautiful garden with a pool and lots of flowers and plants. Not what I had excepted for a poor murderer's unemployed daughter. She must have got the money from somewhere or someone, but who would that be?


I pressed the door bell, and by all luck, she was home. A woman, probably Angela Greene, answered: «Yes? Who are you? I'm not giving money for charity, just as you know.» I looked at her. She wore too much makeup, and her clothes were classy and obviously expensive. «I'm not here for charity. I want to ask you some questions about Sarah Bondhart's murder. I have reason to believe your father was not the murderer. Can I please come in?» Angela looked surprised, and let me in right away. We sat down on the couch. «I did not really know my father that much. When I was born, he ran away and became an alcoholic.» «Where did you get the money to buy this big house? You do not work, and your father was not rich at all.» I asked her. Angela suddenly looked nervous. «I won them in a lottery. I think you have to go now, I have to... uhm... do something». She was really a terrible liar. «Tell me the truth! I am trying to investigate a murder here!» Angela closed her eyes, thinking. «OK, you are the only one I tell this to. I do not know why, but I feel that I have to tell you this. They told me not to tell anyone.» My heart was beginning to pound. «Who are «they»? The people who gave you the money?» She nodded. «They told me it was from my father. I do not know anything more than that, I'm sorry.» «But how did they look? Did you meet them?» I asked her, quick. «Well... It was a tall man, with beard and brown hair. And a little chubby woman with long curly hair. It seemed like they were a couple, or something.»


I asked Angela some more questions, but I did not find out anything more than I already knew.

So I went home, to think about what to do next. I came home really late, and I said to my parents that I had been with a friend. Luckily, they believed me. I sat down to figure out the next step, but my eyes felt so heavy, and I was really tired...


I was at the cafe, again. This time, Sarah and I were not alone. Sarah's boyfriend, Luke sat next to her. Sarah looked at me and smiled: «There you are. You have almost solved it now.» Sarah drank from her cold drink. «Sarah, who were the couple who gave Angela the money from her father?» I asked her quickly. «Why not ask Luke? He should know it.» She looked at Luke. «You know the truth, or what, sweetheart?»


Luke? What is his place in this game? I decided to go visit him immidiatly. I felt the answer getting closer and closer every second. It was already morning, and it was Saturday. I had slept for many hours. I gave Luke a call, and we planned to meet at his home right away.


Luke's mother let me in. She was short, had curly hair, and... Oh my God. She was the woman Angela talked about! And next to her I could see Luke's father, he also fitted exactly with Angelas description. What could this new discovery mean in my investigation? I had to talk to Luke and find out more.


«You said you wanted to talk about something important. What is it?» Luke asked. «Luke, I know that you, or your parents had something to do with Sarah's murder.» Luke looked at me. «What! Are you sick?!» he was furious, but I could also see nervousness in his eyes. «Luke, I know your parents gave a lot of money to Thomas Greene's daughter. Why?» I said. He shook his head. «It's not true! Why do you come her with all these lies? I have nothing to do with Sarah's death!» I looked at him, trying to stay calm. «Luke, did YOU kill Sarah?» Luke yelled: «Get out! I don't want you in my house!» I looked directly into his eyes. «Answer the question, Luke.» Suddenly, Luke fell together and cried. «It was'nt my fault... I did'nt mean to hurt her...» Then I made him tell me the whole story.


«Me and Sarah had a quarrel, as usual. I even can't remember why... Suddenly, we began to fight, and I... killed her. I didn't mean to, it just... happened. I didn't know what to do, I ran home. My parents found out what I had done, but all they care about is the family's reputation and my education, so they wanted to give another man the blame. They made a deal with Thomas Greene, he agreed to spend the rest of his life in prison as long as his daughter got a lot of money. He wanted her to have them as an apologize for him running away when she was a little kid and he became an alcoholic.» Luke looked at me, his eyes full of tears. «I'm so sorry...»


Luke told the whole story to the police, and I do not know what is going to happen to him yet. At least I found Sarah's murder and all this is finally over.


Once again, I was at the cafe. Sarah finished her drink, and then gave me a big smile. «Thank you, Allison.» Suddenly, she faded away, and I was alone at the cafe.

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