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Du er her: Skole > No emotions AT ALL

No emotions AT ALL

Tara er en jente, helt forlatt. Hun vandrer rundt i de engelske gater. Hun er absolutt helt alene. Så møter hun på en rotte, som har vel levd et like tragisk liv som Tara, til nå. Hun bestemmer seg for å ta vare på rotten.

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Tara is walking slowly down the street.

She turns her head to the left, then to the right.

There is’nt a soul as long as she can see.

She is left alone.


She can hear funny noises. It sounds like an evil laughter.

It’s her mind, that is annoying her.

She hears evil laughters and whispering all the time.

But its not scaring her.


She can see things that are’nt real.

“What is happening to me!” she screams loudly.

No answer. Tara is used to this.

She can see flying souls who whisper to her.

Tara gives the shit, because it’s not going to help her talking to dead souls.


The smell is so bad.

It smells dead rats, and rotten meat.

Wherever she goes, the smell is exactly the same.


There is’nt any hope left.


But on the way to nowhere, she actually saw a rat!

Or did she?

Well, it seems real to her.

It just appeared in front of her.


Since Tara was bored of the same routine everyday,

She decided to take care of the rat.

It was the only rat she had ever seen alive.

All of the other rats she have seen before, was dead.


This little rat, got the name Tragic.

Well, Tara could’nt come up with anything else.

She thought her life was tragic.

And she could’nt imagine anything else about the rat’s life.

“I bet the life the rat’s been living, was tragic too.” she thought.


Tara was looking for some grass or rotten meat to give to Tragic,

The lonely rat.

She went to an old store, with Tragic crowling in her hands.

In the store, there was dead bodies on the floor.

So she let Tragic go over to eat the rest of the the dead and rotten humans laying on the floor.


All of a sudden,

Tragic ran out of the store and disappeared.

And that was’nt because it was just a vision, everything.

She clearly heard loud noises.

Something was walking slowly near Tara.

The sound got louder and louder.


Tara was scared, for the first time in her life.

To her own suprise, the sounds was as real as it could get.

And it was right next to her now.

The smell changed from dead rats and rotten food, to perfume and armor.


She was standing in front of a tall man, with armor over the whole body.

The man who had a big sharp sword was looking Tara straight in the eyes.

He dragged the sword slowly up from the sword leather pocket.

And slowly moved it closer and closer to Tara’s throat.


It was him.

It was the killer of every human in the town.

Maybe the whole world as I would know.

She was the only human left to kill.


She whispers, “Why?”

No answer.

“Why are you doing this!?” she whisper a bit louder.

He was mad.


The time stood still.

No sound.

No emotions.

No movement.


The tall man dragged the sword to the right, over Tara’s neck.

The blood is everywhere.

Tara is dead.


On the way out of the store, with all the dead humans, the man saw the rat. He stepped on it and there was a sound of cracked and smashed bones.


No emotions at all.

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