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Dear Diary

Dagboknotater om en dag uten digital kommunikasjon.

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Sunday 13 pm


Good morning or bad morning! My mom came in to my room and said that I cant use more digital communication things for one whole day. So she took all my things that have to do whit digital communication. Just because I got C- in my math test and because it is an International No Digital Communication Day. I hate her and people who have made this day. How cloud she do this to me or they? She should know that I cant live whit out those things. I bet she is punishing me just because I got C- in my math test, and I've never heard anything called International No Digital Communication Day, I bet she just found it up. I don't know what to do, I'm going crazy.


It's has gone tree minutes and I haven't yet used digital communication things. Help me! When I said she took away all my things, then I mean my cell phone, my TV, my computer and my iPod. Oh god! She didn't need to take away my iPod. I cant do stuff whit my I Pod, it just have songs, games and of course movies, but it seems that she don't know that.


Well I should go downstairs and eat something I am very hungry. Fortunately, I have allowed to eat. She cloud not instead of take from me not using digital communication stuff, take away from me that I have not allowed to eat. Of course not, she now that food is imported, but not digital communication stuff. I should go downstairs now.


Sunday 15 pm


It has now gone 2 hours and I have yet not used my computer or the other stuff.. But when I was downstairs I sow that my mom didn't use also the television. So I asked her why she didn't watch TV, she said its because its an International No Digital Communication Day. I don't understand why I should be on this day when I don't want to. Its not fair that just because she what to be whit INDC day, so I also have to be in it. It seems my mother don't know how importune the stuff is for me. The most importune of all is my computer and my cell phone. She does not know that with the help of computer we can solve our problems that we cant do it self. We write most of all in the computer, we chat whit our friends, but it may have been unfamiliar to her. Because she have not grown with it. If she was grow up whit computers she would understand me than, well not just computers also cell phone. I most have my computer back and my cell phone!


Oh my god! I have not yet been in my facebook, or in my e-post or my blog. What should I do? I bet that my friends wonder where I have been of, I need to talk to me friends and ask them what happened in Friday. I need to write in my blog. Its so many thing that I most to do. Help me!!


Ohh my god, this is terrible, I have nothing to do at home in the afternoon and in the evening. It so boring at home, I can go out, but I'm not in the mood, and I don't have my cell phone so I cant go out. So if I had my cell phone now I could go out whiteout worrying. Because if there was going happen something to me I could called my mom and she could pick me up. But since I don't have my cell phone I cant go out. So I'm going just to lean her in my room and just relax.


Sunday 22 pm


I have yet not used digital communication stuff. But I have for the first time read a book finished, and that was kind the of fun and I like it. But it has been the most boring day in my life, and I'm going to sleep now.


I'm looking forward to wake up tomorrow, because I'm getting back my stuff. So good night dear diary.

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