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A little girl loosing her father.

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It was a dark November night in my home town, Grand Forks. We all sat around the table with huge eyes, just looking at the big, juicy steak.. Waiting for the sound of my mother, to say: «There you go..» But of course we missed one. Daddy.. Early in the morning he left for work, and late in the evening he went home, ate and then went straight to bed. He was delayed today also and my time of waiting was over! I brought my food out on the porch and listened to the birds that hadn't gone to bed yet. The moon was raised up on a clear sky and the stars made the sky look just even better.


This was the time I enjoyed most of the day, where everything was quiet around me and nothing could destroy the thoughts that were floating around in my head.


The clock was eleven and my dad hadn't come home yet. Mom went back and forth past the main door, hoping that Dad would soon come rushing in the door for then to say that he regretted the delay. Mom went grim, to the phone, took a powerful hold around the tube and pressed the number in a hurry.


There was a dial tone in a long while before my dad took the phone .. Mom screamed to my dad before he had got the chance to say hi. But suddenly, mum got the shock – look, and her face turned into a white sheet. She looked up at me where I was sitting on the stair and clung myself around the banister. Her eyes filled with glorious tears, and they rolled down her cheek, one by one. The hair that once had been crumpled and bent in a nice "ball top" was no longer fine. Her hair was now like strips down her neck strap.


Mom put gently on the tube, came slowly up the stairs and sat down beside me .. She grabbed me around my neck and pulled me close to her. My heart felt completely empty, I really hated when my mother was sad. I had to say something, not something like "Are you OK, Mom?" because I knew, and saw with my own eyes that she hadn't a good time. I grabbed her hand, touched it gently a couple times before I asked what was wrong.


Mom answered me with a sigh, before she fell down the stairs. She grabbed the door and pulled it up. She looked at me and said, "Daddy is dead" before she went the way out the door ..


My heart thumped hard, several times a second .. I went up to my room, out on the balcony, and on the railing. I saw mommy lying in the grass, huddled up as a cold and broken heart. She thought the same thing as me, that to live without dad, it's impossible. She looked at me, before I let myself fall. Now I could finally meet my dad again.

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