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Summer 09

Engelskstil om sommerferien min skrevet i all hast/personlig!

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My summer holiday has been very busy! I have been traveling among countrys and citys all the time! It was very exhausting! But fun it sure was. But now I better get to the point here. In this text i'm going to tell you aboute my trip to Bø Sommerland / Bø Summerland who is a water park, in Telemark. I went to Bø with my youngest brother; Sander and my original mother.


Our trip started with a LONG train trip to Arendal. For aboute five houres we had to sit in a seat with table in front of us, it's not very exiting, or it's not exiting at all! But enyway, there we sit with the smell of old socks and different up heated food or coffe. Beside me there was an empty seat so I had my feet on that all the way, trying to get some sleep. It was a quite early morning, so. Untill we came to Kristiansand for a ten minutes stop, there it came a older women and sat next to me. She smelled smoke, you could tell befor she had even came in to our cart in the train. But gradually I was getting used to that.


That was the last thing I could remember from that train trip, couse I listen to music and fell a sleep.


When we got to Arendal, there was some old family friends of us, standing there to wish us welcome. We was going to sleep with them untill the next day, my mother tought it was so mutch traveling for only one day. And with the same we could visit our friends again.


They lived a couple of minutes away from the train station so they had their car whit them. At the first second I got in the car, I felt a bit of releaf, finaly, a good smelling car!

(Or the train wan't a car but I think you get my point!)


When we got in to their house there was candles all over the room! It smelled good to, couse I thing the candles was smelly. It was cind of hot in their house, i'm sure it came from the candles to!


The rest of the evening we eat pizza for supper and played games on a computer. Then we all got to bed very late! (oh! I forgott to write that I forgott my phone on the train, so we had to be at the train station again in the morning, becaus then the train came down again from Oslo, with ofcourse my phone with them!)


So after breakfast, and after picking up my phone, we drove all the way up to Bø with them who we had stayed with. They had family in Bø that they were going to visit. That I was glad for, because then we didn't need to take the the disgusting and smelly train again!


When we got up to Bø, we found forth to the cabin we was going to sleep in the next two days. Then we wraped up a backpack with towels and took the bus up to the waterland. There we were all day, til they closed up. Even if I am a ''big girl'' I still tought it was fun! Not just because the activities, but cause I was with two of the people I love the most, my family!


The next day was aboute the same, and so was the third, exept that we was going home. So after waterland, we took the bus ''home'' to our cabin and packed our belongings and jumped on the smelly train which by the way wasn't so smelly this time! This time I got a empty ''two seaters'' all by myself, this time all the way home.


When we got home, I had three houres before I had to take the bus and the ''speed boat'' or more likly called ''hurtigbåten'' all the way home to the BORING island Finnøy. That is a huge let down after a wonderfull holiday, coming back to Finnøy. Even though I really missed my bed and computer! =)

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