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The story of us

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I never thought I could feel love by the first second… It was like something touched me inside and grabbed my heart into pieces. Into some pieces I couldn’t define. Your eyes were the most beautiful eyes I ever had seen. They were brown. And they sparkled more than a thousand stars together. You touched my soul. Deeply and madly. And by that day I meet you, I have never been the same person as I was before.


You made my day every day. If something bad happened to me, you always made my smile. I was never sad... The first time we said goodbye was okay. Because I didn’t know you so good and you didn’t know me so good. But we both know that this was something special. It was hard for me to come back to Norway. I had so many feelings inside and I did not know what to do. The only thing I was sure about was you… I had just broken up with another boy when I meet you and I was unsure if I did the right thing by breaking up with him. But when I meet you and spent the time with you... It was so different then the other boys I have been with... I slowly and deeply understood why... This was really love.


It was so many messages back and forward the two months we were separated in different countries. But when we saw each other again all happened so fast. We both were a little bit shy in the start. And I had to make the first step. We began to kiss, and we couldn’t stop. We couldn’t get enough of each other. Soon the other people got to know what was going on. Our parents liked it I think. But the only thing that mattered was that WE liked each other.


You told me that you wanted to say the strong word to me. I was so happy because it was the same for me! Everything you felt I felt. This was the best thing, because we were so alike.


The last day of the holiday in Sweden, you gave me a necklace. It wasn’t just a necklace. It was your necklace. And I think you never will know how happy that made me...


When it was time to let go and say goodbye... it was sad, but also this time it was okay because our parents told that I could come to you one week before the next race. We were so happy. When we were back to our countries again, the messages and phone calls were used a lot.


I was so nervous that day I was traveling to you – what if I took the wrong plain, or my plain would crash? Luckily that didn’t happen… heh...


But it was so good to see you again. And the best was when I arrived to your apartment and we just could be alone. No other people around. It was just us. No feeling is better than to lay in your arms and feel you against me. And no feeling is better when I look at you, kiss you and tell you I love you. You are my baby.

When it was Monday and I slowly understand that I was leaving you ... I was devastated… No feeling is worse than that feeling… really. I was so sad. Elisabeth had to hold me all the way back to Norway. The people in the plain thought something was wrong with me... Cause I looked like shit. Tears all over me and my mascara were going black all over my face… Elisabeth said to me that I had to go for this. I had to be together with you. She has never seen me love a person as much as I love you. Nobody have seen me so in love before. Not even me.


The past 3 days I scribbled sad things in my journal and papers at… I had a little hope that you would visit me, but that thought crushed me slowly.


On Wednesday 2 o’clock on the evening I was woken up by my sister. I putted on your t-skirt, the t-skirt I use every night because it’s yours.


When I opened the door and saw you, I was totally shocked. You?! But really, that was the best present I could get at this time. I was so happy! You really don’t know how happy I was.


At the time you were visiting me, we fight a lot. And that really made me sad… but I think we needed to fight about that... Because we both are very jealous persons. And now we are done with that chapter.

But like it will be forward... All good things come to an end. And it was like that when you were leaving me on Sunday… We took a picture together. Four pictures… And now I’m sitting here with a picture of you and me between my fingers. A copy of you. A copy can never be as good as the original. Damn it! It’s so true. This picture of you gave me feelings I never even thought I could feel. When I look at it, I feel so much love. Feel that I never should’ve let you go on that plain Sunday. It all was so perfect, just like in a movie. You and me, summer holiday and sunshine. Love.

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