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Du er her: Skole > Shall, shall not?

Shall, shall not?

Teksten handler om ei jente som er på feil sted til feil tid, som blir øyevitne til et mord. Skrevet på engelsktentamen.

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For a terrible customer, he did not believe me when I ga again change, incredibly annoying. He really thought that I gave he wrong, the old gretne gubben! Finally done for the day and on the way home. Poor Kari to work nattevakt. There has been an incredible challenge, and I will be at work tomorrow, too. Tomorrow I will thankfully work nattevakt, it's not as many customers as on date. It is good to think about.


Now I'm almost to the alley I ran into when Mom died, it is not far from the block I live in. Where is it's dark and scary and I'm always sad when I go past it, for it reminds me of the bad days. I'm looking for my mother and hear the laughter snille her, she had a long beautiful hair curlers. Occasionally, I got to help her to untangle it. Poor Dad, I was only 6 years and he would take care of me when she died of cancer. I remember it was when he started and the console itself with alcohol. First, on weekends, so in the evening and now it is completely out of control. Huff of me, he may not have drank so much tonight, and have managed to get into bed at least. It is difficult to only be 18 years and had to take care of the house and Dad. The job of 7eleven helps us with food and clothing, but it is difficult when I know that Dad takes money for alcohol, it is very expensive.


So incredibly nice moon is tonight, it creates shadow where I go and light up the empty street. No one is out walking or running at the time of day, it's completely quiet around me. I know the cold winds that hit the naked my neck, I completely close the jacket again and bend your head down to let the cold against your neck. The time was passed 00.00 made it from mobile. I put the legs on the other each time the root of the field while I went.


I round the corner on the highest block in the city and goes into over Skretteveien. Suddenly I hear a faint cry for help. I stop, there is no sound to hear, only a white cat as templates while the stands and eat anything it has found among the rubbish that has fallen out of a wheelie bin. "No no" I mumble and go even faster across. When I hear someone moan inside a dark alley. Because of the moon that illuminates so beautiful, it is possible to see the contours around me, I look into. There are three black-clad men around a man lying on the ground and protect your head with your hands. The man lying on the ground told him no, he looks like he is strongly suggested. The three men turn and kick him in turn. I solidify to, can not move a muscle, and are only looking for. Pulse begins to go very fast. Suddenly one of the men turns and looks me straight in the eyes. He begins to run against me, the others follow suit. I manage to get in touch with my legs and begins to run, heart banging so hard and so fast that it could be hammered out by the body. Pulse rises even more and I can only just barely breathing, for it has come a lump in my throat that is so great that it hurts. The Klumpen always comes when I'm scared, but now is the greater than ever. I hear the steps to the three men behind me. They breathe and peser and the sound comes closer and nearer. I run, and approaching the same alley as I ran to when I was informed that the mother was dead. There are four large containers that are just as far from the wall that I can and push me in behind them.


"Where was it of her?" Asked one man as he comes around the corner. "Oh, she must be here somewhere", says the other. They come into the alley. Tears my waterfalls, and breath is uneven because I need to breathe, or nothing that they do not hear how I am. "Hello little girl, came forward, we will not make you something!", Says one of them with light please vote and get closer konteinerne. I bit the lips and closes his eyes while I swallow. It is so spat get past the store Klumpen in the neck. I try as best I can to hold your breath. I open one saw little without breathing, where one of them standing with his back to the opening I started from. I feel the sweat trickle on the forehead.


"Hysj" says one. "We got to go", he says the second. I hear the quick steps that slowly disappears in the distance. I can finally breathe. It is a breathless and hulkete breath, while the tears roll down his cheeks. With the same I can hear the police sirens. They've certainly got the message about the noise, I think. I'm still behind konteinerne and shivering, I have never been so scared before.


After a while I hear the high decibel siren disappear, and it is completely silent. Everything is quiet again; the only thing I hear is my own heart that tap. Pulse has finally calmed a bit. I look out of containers, it is completely dark. A large black cloud has been ahead of the moon. No one to see. I take a large innpust and start to run the few meters to go to the block. The key presses him into his hand for I hold so tightly in it. I run up on the second floor, quickly lock the door, snaps into and locks again.


In the living room sitting in front of dad and sleep with a tv-a half bottle of whiskey in his hand which he tends. I put a blanket over him, kissed him on the forehead and whispers "slept well", before I turn off the TV, shut off the lights in the living room and go into the kitchen and make some food. I turn on the radio that plays "knockin 'on heavens door". At the end of the song it breaks into a second news. It is about the man that I saw was turned. Bread Skiven drops slowly down on the table while I listen. "A 42-year-old man from Kristiansand died on the way to the hospital of the extensive damage he pådro up after being attacked in an alley by Skretteveien in twelve times in the night. The police are no traces of what they assume is more perpetrators and asks the audience about tips. When observations are welcome Monday to call the local police immediately, "says the lady on the radio. Then comes the end of the song. I look down on bread disk that is on the board and know I am not able to eat. Should I go to the police, or not? Imagine if the three men stand outside the police station and look for me, or think they find out who I am and have to "remove" eye witness.


I throw disc in the garbage and go into the bathroom. The reflected image looks pale and scared back on me while I fill the sink with water. I have maskara over the whole face after I cried, and a little rust on the cheek after the container I was behind. I wash myself and go into my room. Under the duvet, it is cold, the window has been left up in the whole day. I close my eyes and see the man lying on the ground forsvarsløs. I open my eyes suddenly, that I will not see, I just want to forget. I know a hot tears slide slowly down the cheek. It hit the pad that gets a soft spot. I find the cell phone and dials 112. Should I press the "Ring"?

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