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Our new multi-cultural world

Langsvarsoppgave fra engelskeksamen som omtaler og beskriver dagens innvandrersituasjon.

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Multi-cultural simply means a good mix of cultures in one place, will it be a person or the environment he lives in. Most countries are multi-cultural these days because of immigration. Mixing cultures has not always been a success, but most of the time it works without too many problems.


You could say it is like a trend, some countries need these multi-cultural settings for their hometown to work. Multi-cultural places are becoming quite normal; we can even see it as we take a walk into the streets. Houses and buildings are inspired by Chinese culture, people are driving American cars, foreign people have moved into the house next doors and you might even find yourself driving to work listening to music that origins from a country you have never heard of. You do not have to walk very far to find traces of another culture. The multi-cultural societies are a direct cause of the large globalization that has been ongoing for the last few years. Some might say that the new cultures that are settling down in our towns across the country are a blessing for us. It is in fact somewhat true, but there are several people standing on theirs and fighting against the globalization.

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