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Vi fikk i oppgave å skrive fortsettelsen til en av personene i filmen "The Princess Bride". Jeg valgte å skrive om Inigo.

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Inigo is walking out on the trail; he leaves his tree house that lies outside of the little town he just moved to. It was just a coincidence that he found this lovely town Where, it is exactly right for him. After a life involving looking for his fathers’ murderer, he had not had a lot of time to think about whom he was, and what he wanted to do with his life. When he rode through the town Where, he stopped to read the welcome sign;


Hi! You are very welcome to our little town Where.
If you like it, give us a cheer!
But really, we don’t care.
If you like our magic spheres, come and join us, and don’t ever kill a bear!”


When he saw this sign he felt something inside of him jump. He could feel the warmth from the town stream towards him. He had never been happier, except from when he killed Count Rugen. This was the perfect town for Inigo!


By the time he reached the market in Where, he had been thinking about a lot of things; “Why does squirrels eat nuts and not berries? He thought… “Berries are way softer and squishier.” Luckily for Inigo, he figured he would never find out… “Some things are we just not meant to find out”, he told himself. And there he was, down at the market, around him he could see a lot of different people, stands, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and a lot more. “This is fabulous!” he yelled and reached for the sky, and then he realized everyone was looking at him. “I’ve been too much with just Fezzik and Vizzini” he thought and walked away as fast as he could, and he felt his face turning red. It reminded him of the time when he was 9 years old, he had never been more embarrassed. His mom had been working outside the house and it was very windy outside. He had been playing with some friends across the street, when one of them had said: “LOOK!” And pointed at Inigo’s mom. When he looked over he could see that the wind had caught his mom’s skirt and blown all the way up so they could see all the way to her stocking holders! They had teased him for it the rest of the day. He would never forget that…


While he was hiding in a little alley, he could se a poster hanging on the wall:


The Easter Hunt!
Do you want an amazing gift for Easter? Sign up for Where’s yearly Easter hunt, and be the winner of a surprise prize! Search high and low for Mr. Bunny, and you might be the lucky winner.


Criterion’s to participate:
- You have to be a confused person
- You have to be able to paint a bunny on an Easter egg without pants.
- Your wagon has to be pimped out with at least: two techno light sticks, a leopard blanket and slippers for passengers.


This was something inigo thought looked very interesting. The criterions were no problem, he knew for sure that he was a confused person; he knew how to paint a bunny without pants on an Easter egg. And his knew his wagon had always looked cool. The only thing he had to do now was to sign up. He looked out at the market; there he could see it, the stand where he could sign up. He walked over and became very surprised when he could see that there was no one there. He thought that this was a big event everyone would want to do, but apparently not… The man behind the counter was kind of creepy, Inigo thought.

“So, you are interested in the Easter hunt?” the man said with his rusty voice.

“I sure am,” he said back, but still a little unsure after seeing this guy. “But why is there nobody here to sign up for the hunt?”

“Well, I’ve hosted this hunt now for 45 years, and still, no one has ever found Mr. Bunny. “You must be new in town, ‘cause everyone here has given up this hunt,” Inigo was both shocked and surprised, hosting the Easter hunt for 45 years! And no one had found Mr. Bunny?!

“Yes, I’m actually new in town, and I think I can find Mr. Bunny. When I was young and went bunny hunting with my daddy, I could always find a bunny! So I don’t think Mr. Bunny will be any harder to find! So sign me up!” he said with a smile around his mouth, and gained some self-confidence.

“Great! The hunt starts tomorrow at 3 am. Be there, or be square! And remember, a tardy first day will not impress Mr. Bunny!”

“Trust me, I will be there!”


Next morning Inigo woke with a start. “The last Easteeer eeeeeeeggg!!!” he screamed so loud that the birds that had nests in his tree flew away. He was breathing fast and was sweaty. “Jeez, that was a horrible nightmare.” He told himself. He had been dreaming about the Easter hunt. Somehow the creepy guy from the market yesterday, was his only competitor in the hunt, and their only way to find Mr. Bunny was to get the clue inside of the last Easter egg. So that was where Inigo’s scream came from. He felt he almost was putting too much in this hunt, he had almost forgot why he was doing it; to find out who he really was. Hopefully, the hunt would turn out better then it did in the dream.


Now Inigo was all ready for his big adventure. He made sure that none of the crows had taken any of his disco light sticks. They seemed to be very popular at night when they were lightening up his wagon. But, no, they were both there. He had no clue why he needed all this stuff in his wagon, but he didn’t have time to think of this now. He looked at the sun; 30 minutes until 3 am. That was usually how much time he needed to get there. He had to hurry up!


Inigo was absolutely stunned! He had never seen anything that beautiful before! Down at the market, he could see a woman lined up behind the starting line. It was like God sent a spot light right down at her; the wind was blowing in her hair and her eyes made his legs shiver, and he saw it all in slow motion. What was he going to do? He would be too busy with looking at her, while he rather should concentrate on the Easter hunt. This was going to be a lot harder then he thought it would be.


The creepy guy was standing at the end of the line, yelling:

“LET THE EASTER HUNT BEGIN!!!” and Inigo started to run. His wagon was rolling down the paving stones, almost tipping over. But because of his two barrels filled with sunflower seeds, his wagon stayed steady on the uneven ground. The other competitors’ wagons, on the other hand, wasn’t in as good shape as Inigo’s. They had all tipped over, and people were crawling around on the ground, trying to get all their stuff back up in the wagon. This made Inigo get way ahead. He reached first stop: he could se a big field, in the grass it was lying hundreds of thousands chocolate eggs. On a sign it said: How big is your belly? Eat the chocolate eggs until you find a note. It will give you a clue on how to continue the hunt.

“Oh holy macaroni!” Inigo thought. “Good thing I didn’t have any breakfast today.” And off he went out on the field. Starting with a purple egg, he chewed it, no note in that one… After having about 20 chocolate eggs Inigo was lying in the grass, throwing up. As he was putting his 21st egg in his mouth, he could see one of the other participants coming running towards the field. He looked horrified when he saw Inigo in the grass. While he was chewing his 21st egg, slowly, trying not to throw up again, he felt something in his mouth. It was definitely not chocolate! He took it out and looked at it. I tiny little pin, he ran back to his wagon, good thing he brought his magnifying glass `cause without it he would not have been able to read one word on it! This was what it said:  And if the Easter Bunny had wings, he would fly. This did not make sense for Inigo at all. He sat down in his wagon and started to think about it. He didn’t have much time, the other people were almost here, and he had to think quickly! “Screw this!” he said, “This hint will not help at all! I need something straight forward. Com on Inigo, you can come up with an other idea.” He didn’t need much time until he jumped up and started to run again. “Of course! Where else then the Easter Island, could Mr. Bunny possible live? Inigo, you are a genius!” he said to himself. And off he went to coast to go to the Easter Island.


Down at the port there were many big boats. Which one should he choose to sail with? And there he saw it; Pippi Longstocking’s father’s boat! This was too good to be true! He ran over to Pippi’s dad, Captain Efraim Longstocking. “Excuse me” he said “you’re not by any chance sailing over to the Easter island?”

“No, I am sure not! Been there once, and I’m never going back!”

“Oh and why is that?” Inigo asked with a confused voice.

“Last time I was there, the Easter Bunny apparently just had bunny kids, so they were all jumping around, and I could not stand it!” Inigo couldn’t believe his ears! He said the Easter Bunny!!

“Really?! When you said the “Easter Bunny” did you mean Mr. Bunny?”

“Yes, if that is what you call him now a days.” Obviously Captain Efraim Longstocking had, from just looking at Inigo’s face, seen how excited he was to meet this bunny, so he offered


“you can sure come with me and my crew, we are sailing past the Easter Island, so you can just jump off the boat and swim on shore.”

“Oh yes I will Captain!” Inigo was out of it.


But on the boat something strange happened to Inigo, it was like right away when they started their journey on the sea; he felt a special connection to the water and the atmosphere. Maybe this was his destiny; becoming a pirate.

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