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What a day!

En fortelling hvor handlingen utspiller seg i fremtiden i en annen galakse.

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How I got there was and still is a big mystery. I have always been fascinated by the future and how things might become as society becomes and by the way we humans develop technology. Maybe it was the curiosity that led me to the future?


Well back to how I got where I was that day. It all started that Tuesday morning not too long ago. I woke up and felt anxious and weird, like something was going to happen. I got dressed, and I looked in the mirror; I had just shaved my head. I liked having short hair. My brown eyes were just staring right back at me in the mirror. They were cold, they looked kind of different, but still my old brown eyes. I ate my breakfast as usually, and went to school.


I was not able to focus at school, and things that usually felt so familiar suddenly became a little frightening. After a couple of weird hours at school, I went to lunch. My friends and I went over to the mall. While I took the elevator, my friends wanted to walk the stairs. I got in the elevator and pressed the button for the second floor and was waiting for the doors to shut. The lights suddenly started flickering and the doors slammed shut. The elevator started going up in a great speed, it was out of control! Suddenly my whole world became black. I passed out from the all the stress that day and all the weird things happening to me.


Next thing I knew, I was standing in this colorful room covered with moving tiles on the ground. The sky was a yellow color with purple clouds and the temperature was just right. Not too cold, not too hot. I remember feeling very light and bouncy. The creatures a around me stared at me like I was an alien, and I figured that I looked a lot different from the creatures around me. They all looked the same here; it was hard telling anyone apart. You could tell the males apart from the females but other than that it was extremely hard. The females had shoulder length baby blue hair with strands of glitter in it. They had big round eyes which changed color. I learned later that this had to do with the people’s mood and that the eyes changed color according to the mood of the person. The females’ lips were a yellowish color and really caught your attention. The males had short green hair. The color reminded you of vomit! They had huge eyes, which also changed color according to their moods. Their lips were more neutral colored and you didn’t really notice them at first. Both females and males had a pink color of their skin and it looked kind of see through, like jelly. They also had a tail looking thing on their forehead and three arms. They were all wearing the same kind of robe. It was a very bright colored robe and it looked as if someone had spilled paint on it. The funny thing was that the different parts of colors kept moving and changing places with each other. On their feet they were wearing huge glittery moon boots. They seemed to float on everything around them. I realized really fast that the reason why they were looking at me weird was because I really stood out with my dark brown hair, my chocolate brown eyes, my blue jeans and my white tank top, I was not exactly bright colored.


As I looked around I could see big flying objects in the air, they looked like UFO’s and I got scared because I thought they were air planes and where I came from they do not ever fly that close to the ground. I looked a little closer and I realized that there were people sitting in these flying objects there were people! I then realized that this was their form of transportation. The machines did not let out any gasses or dangerous things that could harm the environment. They did not even make a noise! This was a great invention in my eyes. If I would get in one right that second, I would probably not do it because I was little skeptical of my own safety at that point.


Still not knowing what year or dimension I was in I started to look around for creatures to ask. This was not a very hard problem because there were creatures all around me. The first creature that I tried to ask was an elderly male; I could tell that he was a little bit older than the other creatures around him because his pink skin was kind of crumbled and wrinkled. His tail was broken and some kind of blue liquid came out of it.


“Excuse me, I am a little lost, could you please tell me what year we are in and what this planet is called?” I asked. The man smiled but looked at me like was some sort of an idiot and he kept on walking. I sighted and felt extremely helpless. I heard some funny noises behind me and I turned around to see two creatures talking through little phone looking things about the size of a piece of gum. I nervously walked over and tried to explain with my hands that I needed to use one of their speakers. One of the creatures, a female handed me her speaker looking thing and I started talking in it. The other female apparently understood me and started answering me back. I was actually having a conversation with a creature from the future. The female creature explained that I was in the year 3000 in a galaxy called Xobo. The creatures here were not called humans or people, but xorobots and each individual did not have a name but a number. I was now talking to number 112030. I was told that I was not the first one from planet earth that I had been lost and ended up here. It was all part of an experiment that some of the xorobots were having. She seemed like she was very busy and she left immediately after telling me that I had to find the information center. If only finding the information center in this chaos was as easy as she made it seem.

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