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Falling in love

The title says it all.

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What makes things «click» when two people fall in love? Falling in love and love are two quite different feelings. Falling in love can be either a flash of emotions or a first step towards love. You don't have to do a thing to fall in love, and sometimes there's nothing you can do to stop it either. You suffer a lot, but at the same time you experience a feeling that makes the suffering worth it. You feel a mix of emotions, doubts, and sometimes you can't even control yourself. Falling in love is crazy, and very physical, it's when our knees are getting weak and temperature rises. Love is calm, comfortable and mental.


So what are the ingredients of falling in love? Falling in love is the most natural and the least harmless kind of dope. It gives your spirit some kind of freshness and youthfulness. Does it happen when your eyes first meet? Who knows.. It could be at the first touch, or at the first conversation. Sometimes it could also happen after knowing the person for years. There is no exact recipy for falling in love. It just happens. Some say that we are born to love and that love is the meaning and the aim of our lives. Whatever love really is – the humanity definetely loves it.


Love has it's magical power to overcome all troubles, heal illnesses, and create wonders. It gives people the strenght to survive, even though they see their whole life flash before their eyes. Life get's a meaning through love, and it defines the most of our lives. We learn to hold on however hard the living gets, and by that love reminds us that we are not alone in this world. But everyone should remember that love is between people and not angels. We all have our problems, our flows, and little sins. So the mistakes we make and the conflicts we experience, they are all from our human nature. We can never predict how a relationship is going to develop, but we can always do our best to make it better.


Usually if you ask yourself «Am I in love?» it means you're not, because if you're in love you wouldn't have to ask yourself that question. You just know.. this feeling is to obvious to leave any doubts.


Falling in love makes you a dreamer. You see you both on the first date, long before it takes place. You imagine the time you will spend together, and some people even begins dreaming of a family.


If I were to look for a partner, I would definetely want to be that dreamer. I would want to dream about this particular person night and day... Just to be sure, that this was it. I would want a guy that could surprise me after living together for years, and a guy that would be understanding if I needed some time for myself. I would like to be able to laugh at his jokes, without having to blush at the same time. And I would like to say «I belong to you», but always be ready to let go if that would make him happy. 'Cause true love isn't supposed to blow you're mind, it only means that you take a person as he or she is and don't expect the one you love to be perfect.



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