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Save the world

Engelsk stil (avisartikkel) om hva som skjer med verden og hva vi kan gjøre for å redde jorda vår.

Karakter: 6-

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The gas CO2 is about to destroy our world. This is suggestive for the humanity. What can we do to save the wonderful world we live in? A short answer for that will be “a lot”.

It is unbelievable what we are doing to our world. We produce much more dangerous gas than ever. The gas CO2, or carbon dioxide is the most dangerous one, and it’s about to “rule our world”. We drive our own cars, and travel by plane when we really do not need to. We have to take more care of the environment.


Everyone can do something. Many people think: “Well, I’m just one person of billions. I can’t save the world by myself”. This is all wrong! The people who have thought that should replace that thought with this one: “If I do things to save our world, and convince my friends and family, and if some others do it as well, maybe we can actually save the planet?” Here are some examples for what you can do to help.

At home:

- Change regular light bulbs with power saving ones

- Take a shower instead of a bath

- Recycle

- Turn of the lights when you do not need it

- Turn off the television completely. It still uses power when it is on “stand-by”.



- Walk or bicycle if you can.

- Travel collective

- Travel with airplane only if you really have to.

- Ask your parents to not drive faster than they are allowed to.


At school:

- Say no to plastic cups

- Turn off the computer when you do not use it


This is an advice to all of you. Of course, you do not have to do it, but think about it. What if everyone in your class started to do these things, and tell their family and friends that they should do this kind of things, too? This is the only medicine to cure the Earths fever. Be a doctor and let the Earth survive. If the Earth survives, we will all survive.

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