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More than just a human

Engelsk horror-historie, den første jeg har skrevet.

Karakter: 6

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We are sitting around the camp fire. It is freezing cold outside, and dark as the eyes of a devil. The wind almost blows out the fire. The looks we give each other is indescribable. If you look deeply, you can see a glint of coldness and fear. Everyone is quiet. Our lips are resting on our freaking thoughts and imaginations. Nick is telling us a creepy story about scary vampires as we listen carefully to what he has to say. No one of us dare to make a noise. “… and yet, you can still hear him breathing in the forest, in the dark night. If you ever get obsessed with him, you can’t let go. You are stuck. So beware of the old vampire, my friends.”


Suddenly Demi starts to laugh. “You’re kidding, right? That is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.” “Yeah, even Kevin’s story about the ghost Bella was much better than this one, Nick. You really should get a life”, Selena says. “What do you think about it, Tom?” Miley’s eyes are friendly and she is known for her cute face. Tom is a very shy boy, and every time someone talks about Miley, he does not say anything, although you can see that he is very interested. “W-w-well, I … I don’t really know actually” Tom stutters. It is so dark that no one can see his face, but our imagination tells us that it is pretty pink. “Haha, I bet it gave you goosebumps.” Nick is convinced that his story is the best. “Do you know what? I think I forgot to tell you something. You see, this story is a true happening. Do you copy? EVERY SINGLE WORD. You know, we’re in the Wild Life forest now. Actually this is the forest where Edward the Vampire rules. Watch out tonight, you might get haunted!” We all give each other stupid looks. “Do you know what?” Selena whispers so loud that everyone hears it. “I doubt it. Let’s go to bed.”


We are going to sleep in our small, freezing tents. Selena, Demi and Miley are sleeping in the same tent, but it is almost too small for three people. The boys’ tent is in fact much smaller, darker and colder, so they have to use two tents. That means that one of the boys has to sleep alone. “OK, I’ll do it since nobody else insist. In fact, I will take the coldest one” Nick said with a heroic attitude. After a while, every boy and every girl fall asleep - besides Miley. She cannot sleep, because the moonlight is sticking like pins in her eyes. Suddenly she hears a noise coming from outside. Miley is thinking, "Oh my god. Not this time, Nick – not again.” She carefully gets out of her sleeping bag, checking that her friends still is asleep while she stumbles out of the tent. She carefully goes to Nick’s tent, but she does not see or hear anyone. The only sound is from the woods behind her. A little noise from the forest, almost like a whisper. Miley are ready to turn around, but suddenly she hears a cold voice calling her name. She is convinced that Nick is joking with her.


Miley slowly goes to the forest, and behind the bushes she can see something. It is a shadow, probably Nick’s. Although that does not scare her away from the scary forest with all the creepy trees. Miley sit down on the humid ground, spying on this weird shadow. The only thing she can notice is the black, old raining coat Nick is wearing. Miley carefully crabs to the forest. She could not see anything. It was all black and dark. As she quietly crabs forward the silence is broken by some dry, thin wood on the ground. At once she hears a surprising groan a very few meters in front of her. She is absolutely sure that it is Nick. That is the reason why Miley choose to follow this freaky shadow. She walks behind him for thirteen minutes and now she does not have enough energy to continue. “Come on, Nick. I’m tired of this. Let us go back. It’s really cold out here.” But Nick is not stopping. “Nick, let go!” Nick does not listen to her, so she tries one last time. “Nick! GIVE IT UP! OK, I admit it! I know you want me to. You just want me to let you know my secret, aren’t you? Oh Nick, come on! Listen to me. Nick!” Miley is very tired and sit down on a big, grey and ice cold rock. It feels like her breath is turning to ice deep inside her mouth. She looks around. Nick has stopped. She cannot see a thing but his black, long coat. Miley slowly lies down on the old rock. It is all frightening…


The sun is shining through the tent, and the day is starting to feel all right for Selena. But at once she knows that something is missing. Suddenly Demi comes in the tent with a worried expression in her face. “Miley is missing”. It seems like Demi is a mind reader. “What?! How? We got to find her, straight away! Have you told the boys about it?” Selena is pretty concerned. You can see the look in her eyes, full of scariness. She is not the only one who is afraid for what might have happened. “Yes! The first thing I did when I discovered that she was gone was to ask them if they knew where she was. I was going to barrow her makeup, but now all that is left of her is her clothes and bag – no Miley. You really should get out of bed Selena, we have to search for her! Something bad might have happened! We have to find her right now!” Selena quickly leaves the tent in her night clothes. “Where shall we start searching?”

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