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"Ten Little Niggers" by Agatha Christie

En bokrapport om Ten little Niggers. Dette er en urettet versjon, som jeg skrev på ungdomsskolen - så teksten er ikke akkurat feilfri. Håper likevel den kan være til hjelp for andre!

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Genre: Novel

Publication: 1939 in England

Persons: Lawrence Wargrave, Vera Claythorne, Philip Lomboard, Mrs Rogers, Mr.Rogers, Anthony Marston, Emily Brent, Dr.Armstrong, General Macarthur, William Blore



There are ten people who get an invitation to an island, far away from people. The invitation is from a person called Owen. One after one, they are dying in different ways on the Island. No one know what to do, or who the killer is.They can`t call anyone from the Island because of really bad wheater. After a while they understand that the killer has to be one of them, but they don`t know who it can be. Soon they begin to realize that their destiny is choosen.



Some agents in the book has to be the way the people was killed. Because they died in differents ways, and in the book we could read about how the people was murdered. As a reader, it was easy to imagine how it was when we got all the details.


Some other agents in the book is the island. In the book it was a lot of description of the Island, and I think that was very important. The island was very important in the book, because if it had been a hotel in the city, then people could have called some persons in the city for help. But at the island they couldn`t. When we got a good description of the island, we could imagine how it was. Some other agents in the book is adjectives, and I think that was important, discription is very important in a book like this.


Parallell to the real world:

First of all, I think the writer wrote the book because it would be funny, interesting and exiting to read. I think that she wrote the book to show the world how mad people can get, why some people do cruel things, and how they do it. But I also think that the writer whishes that fairness shall win in the end, and if innocent people are beeing killed, the murder will take their punishment. Ten Little Niggers was written in 1939, and the world is very different now, compared to 1939. Because of that, I can`t see that the writer has very important things to tell the community today. But maybe in 1939. I think that the writer wrote the book to show the world that murders are happening. But again- I think that the book is written to be an exiting and interesting book.


Typical writing of the writer:

It is typical that the writer wrote about all the people who are alive. She didn`t tell everything about one person, but a little bit of everyone. She also wrote from everybodys point of view, and she made every person innocent- to the bitter end. She also wrote about what every person was thinking. I think that made the book more interesting, because we had no idea who the killer was. I couldn`t belive that any of them was the killer, because everyone seemed so innocent. The writer switch time and place a lot in the book, and I think that made the book so brilliant.


My opinion: I think the book was brilliant, and it was never boring. It was really interesting and exiting to read the book, and frankly, it is one of the greatest books I ever have read. I liked the last part best, when the police read the letter from the killer. Then we had all the answears, and it was interesting to see how the killer did it, why he did it, and where he did it. It was also shocking to read about how the killer could kill all these people, without beeing disclose, and how some other people on the Island could trust the killer. I just loved the ending and the whole story, it was genius written by Agatha Christie. I can`t understand how she can make everything up. The part that I didn`t like so much, was the first part, if I have to choose one. It was a lot of description, and it didn`t seem to be such a genius book. But I kept on reading, and after almost fifteen minutes, I loved the book. It was really a pleasure to read the book, and I can absolutely recommend it to everyone who wants to read a good book.

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