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Scream Island

En engelsk fantasy-fortelling.

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Once upon a time there was a 14 years old boy under the name Jomiac. He lived in Artaxiad with his sister and brother. They were 2 and 17 years old and their names were Iskirra and Iladar. It was soon time for Iladar to move out, and Jomiac and Iladar went to Iladar's boat to fix it before Iladar should go. Suddenly a man in totally black clothes with a hood on his head came riding against them on a black unicorn. The boys ran away but the cavalier got a grab on Iladar and rode away with him. Jomiac ran for his life to the south gate in the castle. It was about 2,5 miles long, and Jomiac was very tired when he came there.


When he was at the gate the gate-sitter stopped him.

“Why do you come alone?” He said. He saw Jomiac and Iladar go together out from the castle.

“Because a man, riding on a black unicorn took my brother” Jomiac said panting.

“Well… You don’t get through without paying the ticket prize anyway,” the guard said sarcastic.

“But I don’t have any money. My brother had the money,” Jomiac said, still scared by what that happened a little while ago.

“You can go for this time, but never again. Ok?”

“Yeah” Jomiac answered, “It’s okay.”


Jomiac ran home to his house in the middle of the castle. He told his mom what had happened before he walked straight to his room. There he packed some things in a little bag. The things he took in the bag were: Two flint stones, a sandwich, a map over Artaxiad, some money, a tent and a knife. When he was finished packing, he went to bed. The next morning Jomiac’s mother had got a message that the Iladar was taken to the Twin Islands. When Jomiac heard that, he started to walk. After two days, Jomiac was in the Sea Town. He rested in a little, silly pub in the middle of town.

“Have you heard about the youngster that was taken by the Dark Night?” a sailor said to his friend sitting behind Jomiac

“Yeah…. I heard that he was brought to Scream Island”

“Poor guy”


Jomiac overheard the sailors’ conversation even if he knew it wasn’t right.

“I heard you were talking about the boy that was taken to Scream Island?” Jomiac said to the sailors. Both of them were muscular and bearded.

“Yeah… Do you know anything about it?” the thinnest of them said.

“The missing boy is my brother,” Jomiac said with a bit sad voice.

“Oh... I’m sorry.” The second sailor said, “We didn’t know.”

“It’s okay. Do you think you can help me find him?” Jomiac said with hope in his voice.

“Maybe if you can stand some rough sailing, we can take you to the Twin Islands.”

“Yes, of course,” Jomiac said extremely happy that two strangers would help him with his quest. “When do we leave?”


Early the next morning Jomiac went to the port to meet the two sailors. He saw the ship standing proud and straight in the water. They were ready to sail when Jomiac came, so as soon as he went onboard they pulled up the anchor and sailed against the open sea. At the ship the sailors showed Jomiac his cabin. It was a little, gray and bad smelling, cabin with a porthole on the wall right above the door.

“Thank you very much.” Jomiac said to the guys, “I was lucky to find you.”

“By the way, what’s your name?” the thinnest of the men asked Jomiac.  

“Jomiac. And you?”

“I am Calaeish and this is Ellalith. I am his older brother,” the thinnest guy said before they left.

“You can find us behind the wheel if you need us.”

“Okay!” Jomiac shouted after the brothers. While he was in his cabin he tested his bed. It was of metal and a bit small and not very comfortable. After resting a while, he went outside. When he was out of the corridor he bumped into a muscular sailor with shoulder long, curly, blond hair. He hadn’t seen Jomiac entering the boat, so he was a bit surprised to see a little boy there.

“What are you doing here?” the sailor asked.

“Calaeish and Ellalith gave me hitchhike to the Twin Islands.”

“Okay, but why are you goofing around here?”

“I am just looking around on the ship,” Jomiac said. “Do you mind?”

“No, no. If the brothers said it was alright I am sure it is.”

The sailor went into the corridor and Jomiac kept going around on the ship.


For two days, he did almost the same things and the third the ship entered the eastern port of the Twin Islands. The brothers guided him ashore, and Jomiac was alone again. He went to a pub to see if he could overhear some conversations about his brother. He didn’t hear anything about him, but he managed to hire a crew on a little boat to take him to Scream Island. He found a hotel and rested there for the night. Before he went to bed he thought about what he knew about Scream Island. It was called Scream Island because sometimes you could hear screams all the way to the Twin Islands. It consisted of rock and a small wood. And as he discovered today, the Dark Knight lived there. While he was thinking, he fell asleep.


The next day he woke up, ate some food and walked to the port. The crew with the little boat were waiting for him. Since it was a little boat, it didn’t take long to leave shore. The boat sailed fast so it just took 2-3 hours before they were at Scream Island. As soon has Jomiac was ashore, the boat left. Now Jomiac was on his own again but he still didn’t know how to defeat the Dark Knight. He just started to walk north-west. After a while he came to a cave. He thought it maybe was here the Dark Knight had his resort, so he walked in.

In the start of the cave, there was a torch hanging on the wall. Jomiac fired it up and started to walk inward. He felt uncomfortable in the cave, and he really wanted to go out, but when he thought about his brother he kept walking.


After about ten minutes he came to a hall. Suddenly the Dark Knight came out from the shadows.

“Hay! It was you that took my brother!” Jomiac screamed to the man.

“Yes it was.” The man answered in a whispering voice.

“Why did you take him?”

“Because he has great magic powers, and you have it to. But you will never get the chance do use it because now I’m going to end you!” he said and ran against Jomiac which just covered his head and said: “Shield!” and suddenly it was an invisible shield around him. When the Dark Knight ran into it he was thrown back again, and hurt his head at some rocks. Jomiac used his ability and kept running inward. He came to a chamber where he found his brother tied to a pole. Jomiac took out his knife and cut him loose.

“What are you doing here?” Iladar asked almost screaming.

“I came to rescue you. Now we need to hurry, the Dark Knight is laying unconscious in the hall.” They ran out from the cave and walked to the end of the island. There they found a boat which they put in the water to test it. It seemed tight so they entered it and rowed all the way to the Twin Islands. There they got a hitchhike with the same boat that took Jomiac there to the Sea town. They slept one night there before they walked home to the Castle. And after this, the people have never seen the Black Knight again.

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