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A Childhood Memory

Stil der ein fyr forteller om når han var liten.

Karakter: 5+

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I was on a visit to my grandfather. He is old, and he loves to tell histories from old times. He wanted to tell a story this time also.


“It was the summer when I was 6 years old. I was on holiday to the city with Bart. That was a highlight for me, because I lived a long way from the city. We had just arrived at the hotel, Bart and I. It was a simple, small room with bright walls. Bart was my uncle and he was 34 years old. So he took a drink when he had packed out our stuff. I didn’t really know what it was because I was so young.  We had one big plan for that weekend. The zoo! And of course, to eat out every day.  


After a good night with sleep, we stood up and got ready for an exciting day. After a delicious breakfast, it was up and go. On the outside of the hotel, we waited for a cab. It took a while, and Bart was quite irritated. He had good reasons, because every time he ran to reach a cab, someone else came and took it before him.


When we were in the cab, I started to laugh. Bart was staring strange at me. Like he didn’t understand what I laughed about, but he did understand.


WEE! The zoo! A lot of funny animals and peoples. Look there shouted Bart! It was a monkey. We bought a map over the zoo, so we knew where everything was. After a while, we went to get something to eat. I took a cheese-sandwich and Bart took a hot dog. I couldn’t wait to go out and see more of exciting animals. A lion and a tiger! A snake and a spider! It was so varying. After many hours of big fun in the zoo, we decided to go home again.


When we were back at the hotel, Bart asked me: What was the funniest thing today?

Hmm. The yellow snake. I answered.

Bart agreed. After a nice weekend, it was time to go home again.

I slept all the way home. It was hard for a 6 year old kid to stay awake with so much fun.


I woke up in my bed at home.

I will never forget that summer. It was a memory for life. “


My grandfather was sitting in his chair. It looked like he was happy, with his big smile.

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