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American History X

Resymé av filmen American History X

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What is American History X about? What did you think about the movie and why?


American History X is the title of a movie that impressed me a lot. It was about racism in the USA today. Danny is the younger brother of a racist, Derek. He has this rage in him that comes from his childhood. Someone killed his father and he blamed the coloured people right away. He hates coloured people, and he manages to make a whole group of people do the same, including Danny.


One night Danny spots three black man trying to break into Derek’s car. He tells Derek and he brings his gun, and walks out of the house and shoots them. One of them gets away in a car. The police arrives, arrests him and Derek gets three years in prison.


In jail Derek changes his opinion about racism. He can’t see the meaning in his beliefs anymore. Derek meets a black man during his time in prison. They become very good friends. As Derek is turning away from the racists, one awful incident happens one day comes. Derek is in the shower and six men rape him. They were Derek’s friends, but became his enemy when he turned away. Now Derek is just living on the edge until he has served his time in prison.


When Derek gets out, he’s a whole new person. Derek is worried about Danny, and so sorry because he finally sees what he has made of his younger brother. Racism in the town has grown bigger, and Derek is everyone’s hero. Derek turns away from all the racism and racists in his town, and now they hate him. He tells his brother about his time in prison, and makes him understand that hating is wrong. No matter what, it wont do you any good.


Swifty is Danny’s teacher. He has asked Danny to write an essay about Derek. He promises that he won’t show it to anyone, so Danny writes all his feelings about Derek and his beliefs. The day he’s handing in the paper starts as a wonderful day, but ends in a tragedy. A couple of days have passed since Derek has gotten out of prison. Last night the brothers had talked and agreed that racism wasn’t the way they wanted to live their life. This morning is like a new start for them. Derek follows Danny to school and is proudly carrying his paper. They say “good bye” and Danny goes inside and to the toilet. A black man, one of Danny’s enemies, takes out his gun and shoots him. Derek hears the sound of a gun firing and runs into the building. He finds his brother and holds him. Danny dies in Derek’s arms.


I liked this movie. It describes racism in away that makes you see that it won’t only hurt the ones you hate, but also the ones you love. There are some scenes in the film that are quite terrible, and it’s shocking to watch. That’s good, because then you really understand what racism is. The film shows that racism is meaningless and vicious. You can’t hate someone because of his/hers skin colour. You have to know people to make an opinion about them.

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