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Miss Murder

En gutt ved navn Jim skal få sin livs beste følelse.

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It seemed as an ordinary day on the school for Jim, but this day would be one of the most memorable days of his life. He arrived just on time, only fime minutes before school began. He ran up the stairs and opened the hallway door, and saw that the teacher had just unlocked the doors. He took of his jacket and ran in the classroom. He sat down, and slightly turned Zakk’s way to tell him about his weekend, when the teacher asked for their attension.


- Everybody, listen up! We have a little surprise for you today! We have a new student here, said miss Stevenson.


Suddenly the door opened and a beautiful girl suddenly walked in the door. Jim had never seen such beauty his entire life. He had frozen completely, along with the rest of the boys. He could not move.


- Why don’t you come up here and tell us somethings about yourself? Asked Miss Stevenson.

- Allright. Hi, everybody. My name is Elizabeth, and I come from New York, where my family and I had lived for five years before we moved here. I enjoy sports, music, hanging out with friends and writing poems. I…


Suddenly Jim couldn’t hear another word. It was as if he fell into some kind of weird form of coma, where he could’t move, talk og hear anything. Before he knew, the bell rang out, and all of the students walked out for recess. He walked over to where Zakk and the other boys was standing.


- Did you see the face of that hot chick? Zakk asked Jim.

- I know, dude. I have never seen anyone so beautiful, Jim said with a kind of shivering voice.

- Uuuhm, dude?? Zakk asked.

- What? Jim asked back.

- Are you in Looooooove??? Zakk asked sarcastly.

- Uuhm… Uuuh.. Jim started to studder. He couldn’t speak.

- Well, are you?? Zakk asked again.

- NO!!! Jim answered. She’s hot and all that, but I’m not, like, in love with her or something.

- Hmm, Zakk said and looked at Jim with a suspicious look in his eyes. Well, if you say so.


Jim turned around just to get a look at her. She had long, blonde hair and deep, blue eyes. Her body was amazing, and her face was the most beautiful face in the world. But then Jim saw something he wouldn’t forget. Her smile. She smiled and looked at Jim with a her deep, blue eyes. The look she gave him was so intense that it could murder a man, and her smile was like light shining upon a vast, dark abandoned town. Simply breath-taking. Then she left the group of girls she was standing at and started to walk torwards Jim and the boys. Jim could notice every movement of her amazing body.


- Hey, everyone, she said.

- Hi, everyone answered at the exact same time.

- I didn’t get the chance to ask you your names, she said.

- Hi, I’m Zakk.

- My name is John.

- Seth, here.

- Hi, I’m Jim.

- Hey, everybody, she said and smiled that beautiful smile and walked away.


The bell rang and all students returned to their classrooms. When the day was over Jim had not dare speak a word to Elizabeth. Almost a whole week went by and he still hadn’t had the guts to og and talk to her. Suddenly it was Friday, and the bell was about to ring. Everybody waited paitiently, and the moment it rang, everyone stormed out. Jim went outside and started to look for Elizabeth. He spotted her right next to a car.


- Hey, Elizabeth! Jim shouted.

- Yeah? She answered.

- I’m throwing a party this Saturday, and I was wondering of you’d like to come? He said.

- Yeah, I would love to come! She answered.

- Ok, then I’ll see you Saturday, right? Jim asked.

- Yeah, she said and gave him a little wink with her eye.


When Saturday arrived, Jim had already showered four times since we woke up. At six o’clock he said goodbye to his parents who went to Miami to celebrate their wedding aniversity. At seven o’clock the party had started, but Elizabeth was nowhere to be found. At eight o’clock a black Audi stopped down at the road, and out of the car cane Elizabeth. The black Audi drove away, and suddenly the door knocked. Jim opened the door carefully, and saw Elizabeth dressed up in a black dress.


- Wow, you look… Amazing… Jim said.

- Thank you, she said and smiled.


The night went on an Jim started to know Elizabeth better and better. At one o’clock her father pulled up with his Audi and Elizabeth left. The party went on for about half an our more, until everybody left. Jim laid down on his bed, angry at himself for not making a move when he had the chance.


On school on Monday he once again didn’t have the guts to talk to her. In the middle of the first class, Jim had to og to the toilet. He went down the stairs, got the buisness done and started washing his hands. Just as he was about to leave, Elizabeth came in the door. Jim didn’t even get the chance to ask her what she was doing there before she kissed him. She stepped a little bit back, before Jim started to get closer. Closer and closer. Their lips was almost touching. Closer and closer, until their lips touched each other. Her lips was soft and wet. He grabbed her body and pushed it against his own. They was still kissing. He started to run his fingers through her hair. The kiss og more and more passionate for each and every moment. Her hands slowly went under his shirt. She then started to grasp his back. The kiss got more and more passionate. He started to move his hands down to her body. The kiss became more intense and emotional. Their bodyheat agains each other was so hot that it almost felt like a burning windblow. Her lips still so soft and lovley. They didn’t stop until the bell rang out, and even then they couldn’t get of each other. It was like their bodies was stuck to each other. The moment both Jim and Elizabeth had just experienced, can only be found in true love.

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