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Dead trial

Noen er ute etter tjukke politifolk.

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Sergeant Walter Eaton stood at the Police Station reception desk busying himself with whatever it is that Police do when they're manning reception when a person literally walked in trough the door. Now, to clarify, the door was never opened and there was no gap for anybody to climb in trough . He actually passed through the wood without causing any damage at all. The man walked over to Walter and said, “ I'm here to report a murder.” Walter noticed that the man was slightly transparent. He could see the far wall through the man's skull.

“Okay,” Walter said, “What is the name of the person who was murdered?”
“Richard Thomas,” he replied.

“And what is your name, and your relation to the murder victim?”
“My name is Richard Thomas, and the murder victim is me”

Walter was confused. “What?”

“Observe,” said Richard, as he passed his hand through the Sergeant's chest.
“I really don't think we have any regulations regarding this sort of thing, let me get the chief.”
Richard saw Walter disappear to the back of the station. After a few minutes he heard a muffled argument going on. Walter pushed the Chief through to the reception area and said, “See for yourself.”

The Chief composed himself and said: “So sonny, you claim to be dead eh?

Richard was very polite “Yes sir.”
“Dead? So you are not alive?” Said The Chief, confused.

“Yes, that's right.” Said Richard.

“Oh, I can't even remember last time a victim said that.. But are you sure? You are the victim and you are.. Supposed to be dead?”

“For the last time, that's right I am the victim, and I am dead too.” said Richard.


Sergeant Walter and the Chief was very confused, they were silent for a few minutes. After the few minutes of silence was suddenly The Chief gone.


“Oh, where is The Chief? Well, forget that over to the case.”

“But how on earth could a dead man communicate with me?” thought Walter.

“So who killed you?” Sergeant Walter said.

“Ohh, about that, I killed my self ” said Richard with a nasty voice.

“I will take back the report about the murder of me, and report that Walter Eaton will die, very, very soon.

Without thinking about what Richard said, said Walter “So why are you here to report a murder, when the murder was nobody else then yourself?! No, no.“Wait now! Will you kill me?” with a scared voice.


“Yes sir, I will kill you!”

“But why?” said Walter.

“It's because you policemen, and specially you Walter eats a lot of donuts, way to much. And i really hate fat people, just like you.”


Suddenly saw Walter dark clouds.. He opened he's eyes and.. Then he said “What a nightmare, from now on I've never gonna eat donuts anymore." And from that day of, there ain't more fat police officer.

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