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Modern economy

Modern ecomomy, Internet and information flow.

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This article is about different articles some newspaper and magazines have written about the economies around the world and how they all effects eachother... The article explain how for example internet helps business keep hold of what to produce, how to produce it and who to distribute the products too.


The newspapers have written about the tip of the spear of an industry slow to recognize the awesome information-gathering potential of the Internet, then their own business model to slower the adapt to the Internet's capabilities. And it’s the newspaper business that’s in a free fall so seemingly irreversible, some have suggested that the newspaper business as we’ve known it is a dead issue. The newspaper industry has dug in its heels, resistant to change as it’s always been.


The article explain the basic of how everything affects the economy in one way or another. Internet have seen first explored, been used for people to gain intelligenze and information about stuff they don't know.  Today we can search up everything we would like in the internet. You can read newspapers, play games, send e-mail, chat, read about sports and economy, you can even search up what your neighboor pay in taxes...


Internet is useful for all people in some way and everyone use it in some way. Most people use internet to keep there economy «clean» and in order. Economy, affects people in the internet through, internet bank, news, own sites for finance and economy, to pay bills and to see how much money they have.


If you go through where your mone is located you will see that all your money, everything you've ever bought, where you'vee bought it and what price you paid is located somewhere on the internet, because of the industraliezed worldwe live in today. Every decicion goes through the internet.


This article relates to the chapter we're woking on because it has something to do with the modern world we live in today. That everything we do is modernized and in some way connected to the internet. If something happend with the economy here in the US, it wouldn't take more then maximum a few minutes before everyone who're online read about the economy here. And it start to affect their economy.

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