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Henry VIII of England

Foredrag i engelsk om Henrik VIII av England.

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I want to tell you about Henry the 8th, king of England and 3 of his six wifes. Henry 8th were born 28th june 1491 and died 28th january 1547. He was king of England, and he became king of Ireland later.


His first wife was Catherine of Aragon. Catherine and Henry had been engaged for seven years before they got married in the age of 18. Catherine had been pregnant several times. her first birth was in 1510, but her daugther was stillborn. In 1511 she gave a birth to a boy, and the king became very happy. They christened him Henry. Henry 8th arranged a party for the babyboy, but less than two months after Henry was born, he suddenly died of an unknown reason. Catherine got another boy in 1513 and another one in 1514, but none of them survived. One of the children was also stillborn. In 1516 Catherine gave birth to a babygirl. She was the only child who survived, and were christened Mary. The king was not happy because he wanted a son. Henry 8th broke up with the Catholic Church for getting a divorce with Catherine. This released the english reformation.


Henry 8. fell in love with Anne Boleyn while he was married with Catherine. We don't really know when Anne was born. She had a brother and a sister. Her sister, Mary, was Henry's lover, but that was before Anne married him. Henry tried to make Anne to be his lover, but Anne refused. Finally she married Henry 8th in January 1533 and became queen of England the 1. june 1533. Anne gave birth to a girl in august 1533. The girl was christned Elizabeth. Anne knew that Henry wanted a son, so she became pregnant in 1534 but the child were miscarried or stillborn. In 1535, she  became pregnant again but miscarried by the end of January. 2 may 1536 Anne became arrested for adultery, incest and plotting to murder the King. On the morning of May 19 was anne taken to the Tower Green where she became beheaded.


Catherine Parr and Henry 8th married 12 July 1543 and she was his last wife. She became queen of England. Henry 8th and Catherine became queen and king of Ireland too. As Queen, Catherine was responsible for reconciling Henry with his daughters from his first two marriages, who would later become Queens of England. Henry died 28th january 1547 and Catherine married her ex, Thomas Seymour and she gave birth to her only child, Mary Seymour on 30 August 1548, but Catherine died only six days later.

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