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Hillary and Danny in space

En fortelling om et par som møter på romvesener fra Mars.

Skrevet i 9. klasse.

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It was an early Sunday afternoon in London. Hillary Mayer and her boyfriend Danny Pino was out for a walk in the park. They were 18 years old and deeply in love with each other. “Hillary, there is something I have to ask you …” Danny didn’t finished the sentence because of a big shadow that suddenly laid over them.


“What is that?” Hillary asked, a little bit afraid. “I have no idea, it can’t be... or can it? “ Danny said. “What are you thinking of?” Hillary asked. “It looks like an UFO, but it can’t be! They don’t exist..!” The strange object landed, and two weird creatures came out. One of them was green with five eyes and four legs, and the other one was blue with ten eyes, but only one leg. “Danny, I’m scared! We should go now!” Hillary said. “It’s too late Hillie, they’re coming to us.” Danny said.


“Hey strangers, how you’re doing?” the blue one said. “ I’m fine” Hillary said stuttering. “That’s great! What do you think about our UFO?” Danny ignored the question and asked: “Who are you, and what do you want?” “I am Toro, and over there is my friend Zalo, we was wondering if you guys wanted to join us on our trip around the Earth in our UFO. So, what do you say?” Danny was a little bit sceptical, “and how do we know that you don’t have bad motives?”


“Oh, my friend. We are from Mars, the friendliest planet in the entire universe!” “Well, okay, I hope I can trust you then. Come on, Hillary, this is going to be fun, hopefully.” They walked into the spaceship. It was very big, and everything was blue and green. “Let me show you your bedroom.” Zalo said friendly.


They came in to the room and were shocked over how luxurious it was. It was a big double bed, a soft sofa and even a TV! “This is amazing; I didn’t know aliens lived like this! I didn’t even know you lived at all!” Hillary said, obviously very impressed. “Yes, this isn’t what I had expected, I’m sorry I was so sceptical to you guys, can you forgive me?” Danny said. “Of course my friend. Like I told you, we are from Mars. At Mars we live after the rule “If you can’t forgive, you don’t deserve to live” and I do so agree with it, but now you have to sleep a little bit, you’re probably exhausted!” Toro said. Danny and Hillary went to bed, they felled asleep the second they laid down.


The next day they woke up refreshed and happy. Hillary tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t go up. “Danny, can you help me?” she said. Danny tried, but someone had obviously locked it from the outside.

“There is something wrong with those aliens, Hillie, I knew it” danny said. Hillary looked scared, and said: “we have to break up the door, somehow, but how?”  Danny thought over it a little, and then he said: “do you have a hair grip?” “Yes, in my purse, but why do you need that?” she said. “I might pick it up, if I remember how” Hillary gave him the hair grip, and after ten minutes he had picked the lock up. “We have to be really quiet” Danny said. They sneaked out, and tried to go as quiet as possible. They came to the control room, but when they saw through the keyhole, they could only see Zalo. “Damn, where the heck is…” Danny didn’t reach to say anything more before he felt a powerful stroke in the head, the same with Hillary.


Hillary woke up in a tiny, dark room. Her head felt like an explosion. She was scared, what if she never was going to see England again? And where was Danny? “Danny?” She whispered. But it was no answer. Hillary felt the tears coming, and she didn’t try to stop them. She was all alone on a UFO with two cruel aliens, her hands was tied up, and it was nothing she could do. She tried to find a light, but it wasn’t so easy without hands, so she laid down on the hard floor to get some sleep.


She woke up some hours after, and now she wasn’t only afraid, she was hungry too. “I have to do something” she thought. But before she reached to think anything, the door opened. It was Zalo. “Come, you stupid girl” he said. He grabbed her in her collar and dragged her out. “I can walk by my self!” she said angrily. “Shut up and come with me” he said. He took her to a room with a slaughter bench and some axes. “Did I forgot to tell you that on Mars, we eat people from the Earth?” Zalo said with a cruel smile. Hillary was so scared, she couldn’t describe it. He began to lay her on the bench and tie her up. She screamed as loud as she could, but she knew it didn’t help. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Danny enters the room with Toro right behind him. “Noo!” Danny said. He grabbed the axe from Zalo, who was still in shock. “If any of you come any closer to me or Hillary, I will use thise without any hesitation!” Both of Toro and Zalo stood with their hands up and looked scared to death. Danny tied them up, then he helped Hillary to get free from the bench. He gave her a fast kiss before he asked the aliens how to get the UFO back to London. They said it to him, and then he went to the control room to set the UFO on autopilot. “Thank you for saving my life, Danny! Without you I would probably be dead now, thank you!” Hillary said. “Of course I had to save you, Hillie, without you there is no life for me.” Danny said. “Five minutes to landing” a robot voice said. Both of them heave a sigh of relief.

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