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Revenge is Sweet

Novelle ved navn "Revenge Is Sweet".

Karakter: 5/6 (VG1)

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It’s nearly 12 pm, the weather is chill, and the grass is wet. The dark rain clouds has recently gone away, and been replaced by a warm, shiny sun. In Central Park, New York, amongst the many trees and bushes, a young couple stands talking to each other. “Will you marry me?” Michael waited intensely as second by second went by. After something that truly seemed like forever, Marie finally answered him. “Yes!” she screamed, and a broad smile appeared on her face. Michael removed the engagement ring from its container, and carefully put the ring on Marie’s finger. As he leant forward to kiss her, a deep voice interrupted. “Give me your wallets!” Marie tried to scream, but the mugger silenced her by grasping her mouth with his left hand. In his right, he held a pistol, pointing at Maries head. “If you attempt something,” the mugger said to Michael. “Your girlfriend’s dead!”


Michael flinched. He was terrified by the idea of losing Marie because of some filthy mugger. His hand shook as he withdrew the wallet from his back pocket. Marie looked directly at him with eyes wild of fear. “It’s okay, dear” Michael whispered, in a futile attempt to calm her down. “Okay…” Michael said to the mugger. “Here’s our money. Just take them, and leave us alone, all right?” Michael was truly relieved when the mugger began walking away from them. He drew a deep breath, and turned to Marie to solace her when he again heard the deep, rough voice of the mugger. “You!” he said to Marie. “Give me that ring on your finger!” When Marie refused, he walked over to her, and tried to force the ring off her finger. “Leave her alone!” Michael shouted at him, but it didn’t help. Marie screamed as she tried to prevent the mugger from stealing her ring. Michael felt anger and despair boiling up inside him. He took hold around the mugger’s waist and tried to drag him away from Marie. He did not notice that the mugger had withdrawn the pistol from his pocket until it was too late; Marie lay dead on the wet grass with a bullet hole in her chest, and a pistol with a smoking barrel lay besides her.

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