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The importance of knowing English

Norsk er et lite språk, og nordmenn har derfor stor nytte av å kunne et fremmedspråk som engelsk.

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So people might say it’s not important to learn another lanuguage than Norwegian, but I think it is of great significance. If you can’t speak for example English you will most likely feel very stupid and alone in a country where only this language is spoken. You will face problems doing the smallest thing; even going to the shop and buying a newspaper will be a great challenge. You will be less sosial and that will cause you to feel very alone. You will most likly not be able to get a job, because most employers in a English-speaking countries will demand that you at least know some English; it depends on what kind of work you will be doing. If you for example are appling for a job as a till lady you want need as much vokal speech as a school counselor, who is talking to students all day long about their planes of the future.  


More then 350 million of the world’s population are first speakers of English; they have English as their mother tongue. For each native speaker of English there is three who have English as there second language or a lingua franca. To have a lingua franca means that this is the language you use in conversation with others that don’t share your mother tongue. A Japanese woman and a Norwegian man who are having a discussion about international politics and businesslife over a warm cup of coffee will most likly speak English to each other.


There is also some countrys that have English as their official language. English is for example the official language of India. All the official documents in India are in English and people in businesslife uses English. Even though Eglish is the official language, India has a bunch of other language that people use in the every day life.

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