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A Christmas Story

En fortelling om juletradisjoner.

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I want to tell you about the best christmas I have ever had. This Christmas I celebrated togheter with my mother, my father, my grandmother and my younger sister.


On the day before Christmas Eve, at lunch time, we went far far into the woods by horse and sledge. We had warm and soft rug over our leges and shoulders and sat close togheter, to keep each other warm.


It got darker and darker, as we went further into the woods. It was sounds around us at all sides. It was quite scary, but I felt saft togheter with my family.


Then, out of nowhere, a little red cottage accord. We stoped outside the cottage and went in. It was so cosy and so chrismas like, if you know what I mean. The cottage had two bedrooms, a living room and a small kitchen. It wasn’t a toilet inside the cottage, so we had to go out to the pit privy, to do what we needed to do.


All of us began to decorate the small cottage. My father, my sister and I went to hew down a Christmas tree to set in the living room. We walked for a while. My sister and I played in the snow.


The ultimat tree was standing ten metres from the cottege and was sparkling grenn and was about on and a half metre high.


When we reached the cottage again we heard Christmas music true the window. My mother and my grandmother had hung up Christmas sheaf on the door, lit up the fireplace and had hung up the Christmas-stockings on the chimneypiece.


Together we decorated the Christmas tree with coloured lights, Christmas tree drecorations and we sat “the Star of Bethlehem” on the top of the tree.


In the evening we ate rice pudding and sang Christmas carols, like “På låven sitter nisser”. My grandmother told us storys about Christmas when she was young and about have Father Christmas manage to get down the chimney, the night before Christmas Eve.


Me and my sister went to bed early, so that we would be in a good mood tomorrow. I just couldn’t wait for morning. I was so excited!


Me and my sister woke up early that morning, ran out into the living room and saw that the Christmas-stockings was full. I took up a oblong gift from my Christmas-stocking and read the card. It said:


Was so happy because now I knew that Father Christmas really existed.


We ate dinner at lunch time. A real norwegian Christmas dinner. We had rib, pork sausage, potatos, the norwegian food “surkål” and brown sauce. It was so delicious and it tasted so good. For dessert we had creamed rice, with an almond in it, and red fruit sauce. The one who gets the almond, gets a “marzipan pig” and guess who got it, ME!


In the evening we open our Christmaspresents, played many funny games and ate cakes and candy.


The day after Christmas Eve we went home to our normal house and had fun the rest of the Christmas holiday. We celebrated New Years Eve together with the whole family.




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