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The profession of my dreams

En artikkel om valg av utdanning, inkludert et intervju med en kokk.

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I have many wishes of what I want to become when I finish school, and it’s hard to decide, because there is so many different professions to choose between.


I love animals, so I have been thinking of becoming a veterinary or an animal-nurse, but to become a veterinary I have to go to school in five more years after I finish High School, and that’s just to long to go to school for me now. It seems great to be a veterinary, to help animals when they need help and see the happy faces of the owners of the animal you help. But it’s a downside with the veterinary-profession too. I don’t know how I would handle to some times see animals suffer badly and that you may have to give them a shot to take there life away.


I have also been thinking of becoming a cook. I really like to make delicious and exciting dishes, and mix and match with different meats, vegetables and spices. I like to make all kinds of different dishes, as long as they are not too difficult, but of cause I like challenges too.       


I have interviewed a TV-cook and asked her about her job:


When did you first fix your eyes on cooking?

I have always liked to eat all kinds of food and I have always helped my mother in the kitchen, all since I was very young. It was easy for me to choose what I wanted to do in the line of work. I wanted to become a cook even though the education was quite long.


What do you like about cooking?

Well, I just guess I like it because it’s fun, and I like the challenges cooking gives me. It’s always exiting to serve people new dishes and then see how they respond to it. Though it can be a bit scary too, you know I have to ask myself the question, “will they like it or will they not”? But all in all I think it is great being a cook.


You work as a TV-cook, what’s so great about that?     

I love to explore new tastes and when I travel as much as I do in my work, I get to learn about different food cultures and learn to make exiting and exotic dishes. Of cause I love to meet new people too. I especially liked visiting Greece. I had five programs from different locations in Greece, and every one of them was just as exiting as the other. The Greek food was fantastic and I learned so many new things about cooking, and I hope the viewers did too.


What are your dreams when you finish as a TV-cook?

Well, I have always dreamed of opening my own restaurant, maybe on a sunny beach in Greece. I want to open a little and intimate gourmet restaurant. The restaurant has to be small, because I don’t like working in big restaurants where they have the same dishes every night and where the dishes get so impersonal. 


After this interview with the TV-cook I’m sure of one thing: this can be the profession of my dreams!

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