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The British and American government

Sammenligning av det britiske og amerikanske styresett.

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What are the different between the British an American government? And in which way England and America is ruled?


Like the system we have in Norway, the American system is federal. The federal government of the United States is centralized United States governmental body established by the Constitution.


Bought in Britain and Norway is ours system responsible of the government. The Government (the Prime Minister and cabinet) is “responsible” to parliament. This means that at any time, simply by vote of no confidence, carried on whatever grounds, the parliament can remove the Government from office or force it to call an election. In the American system the head of the executive Government, the President, cannot be removed by the Congress (except by impeachment, which requires a kind of trial).


The British system allows the Governor-General to call in too a general election at any time, on the advice of the Prime Minister. But is it a maximum term by which an election must be called , but an election can be held short of term. This makes the parliament responsible to the election. The American system is different. In America the terms of office of the House of Representatives, Senate, and the President are all “fixed”, so that an early election cannot be held.


The documents that form the basis of America’s legal system — the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Declaration told the world of America’s right to freedom; the Constitution set forth the laws that would govern the individual states; and the Bill of Rights upheld basic human rights such as the right to free speech and a fair trial.


The separation of power

The British system is 'unitary' the British parliament can make laws on any matter, local government has whatever powers the national government delegates to it. In the American system the power of the country is separated between The Congress (legislative), The President (executive), and The Supreme Court (judicial). Each of them have power over the other two.

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