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Soul Mates

Han reiser til San Fransisco for å bli kvitt et mareritt - han ender opp med å finne sitt forrige livs store kjærlighet... Er det skjebnen?

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I was walking. Walking and walking. I had walked longer than a marathon now, and it wouldn’t end… I had been walking for two days, and my legs were trembling. Nonetheless, they kept on striding forward.


At last, I woke up. Again, I had been dreaming. I was always walking in my dreams. I walked over The Golden Gate in San Francisco, up and down, hundreds of times. I knew every square inch of the bridge, and I was fed up. I knew I had to do something to stop this, or I would go mad. I considered going to a psychiatrist, but I had an even better idea, even if it was a little desperate: I had booked a flight to San Francisco, and today was the day. 9.30 this evening, my flight would leave Heathrow.


I read a book during the flight, called ‘Resurrection’. I was tired, but I didn’t want to fall asleep and dream, so I had to read something interesting. The book dealt with Buddhists and their thoughts about life, death and reincarnation. I read, read, read and… At 3 AM I couldn’t make it anymore: I fell asleep.


The dream was more detailed this time. I was still walking, but tonight, I wasn’t alone. Someone was on the bridge with me, walking beside me. She was a girl. I saw her in more and more details… She was pretty. She talked to me… She seemed sad… She was familiar, somehow, but I couldn’t really place her…

The plane stopped, and I woke up. I checked out from the airport, and went to the city.


My whole body trembled while I walked through the streets of San Francisco. It wasn’t just because of the big hill the city lay upon; it was because I was frightened. All the streets, all the shops… I knew them… I had seen them before… But I didn’t understand. This was the first time I had ever been here. What was this?


Walking onto the bridge, I felt something strange. I felt like I was going to die. I don’t know why, but the bridge made me feel bad, like I had lost something important. I felt a grief so overwhelming… it made me cry. I really wanted to die, now. What was the point of living without… Without what? What the heck was this? Despite the terrible feelings, I walked further onto the bridge… And then I really didn’t understand… I saw a girl… a crying girl… She was standing at the railing, peering down towards the sea, crying. And I knew who she was. She was the girl from my latest dream; she was the girl that I… loved? Millions of thoughts swirled through my head, and all I could do was to stop thinking. Nothing made sense. Suddenly she looked straight at me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just asked her whether I had seen her before.

“That pick up-line really su… What!? Hey… I don’t get this… Who are you? I can’t remember seeing you before in my whole life, but I feel like I have a really deep connection with you.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I feel the same way.”


Suddenly, a lot of memories gushed into my mind. I had been here before. It was not like this, though. It was a long time ago… Before I was even born… There was a car accident. Flames, sirens, tears… The feelings of a great loss. The loss of whom? The loss of my fiancée. I remembered the feelings of hopelessness. I remembered jumping down from the railing, into the swirling water. To commit suicide is an act of cowardice, but how could I live without my great love? I saw that the girl also had understood it all.

“You?” she said, and then she leaned towards me. I leaned towards her, and we kissed…


Had Fate led us together? I don’t know. We were obviously meant to be together, weren’t we? If not in one life, at least in another...

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