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En stil om en liten jentes første møte med Amerika. Har med noen viktige datoer, steder og navn fra da de første engelskmennene emigrerte til Amerika med skipet Mayflower.

Karakter: 5+

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America. Jane remembered the first time she saw America. She and her sister Mary-Ann had hide for their brother behind a barrel with herring. They played “hide and seek”, which was much more fun here, on the boat, with so many places to hide and so many people then home. They knew that soon be in port, so they had to enjoy the last hours with their new friends.


The boat they where on was called Mayflower. When Jane heard the name the first time she thought of a big colorful ship with flowers and music. But after a few days on board she realized that she had been far from the truth. Yes, the boat was big, but it vas filled up with seasick people and frighten animals. Jane had trouble falling asleep in the night, not only because of the waves, but also because of the sound of babies crying, the snoring of dozens of men and women sleeping and the smell of upchuck. For the 65 days and nights she spend with these people, who slowly drove her mad, the only thing that made life worth living was Mary-Ann and the hope of a new and better life in “the new world”.


But now they would soon arrive port, the sky was bright blue, and these people she had wished she never met weren’t too bad after all.

- “Look Jane, look.” Mary-Ann`s voice was filled with excitement.

- “What is it now Mary-Ann?” I asked.

- “Look, we can see land.” She pointed.

And there it was, just a brown stripe in the horizon. America. Our new home.


This happened 4 years ago. Jane and her family settled down in New Virginia, they build a hut by the sea, and started their new life. Jane was now fifteen, after Mayflower more boats had come. New families had arrived. And Jane had made new friends, some were from England, some from Ireland, and near by her families hut two Swedish girls lived with their families.


They really had got that new life they had all dreamed about. Jane thought about the two most important days in her life, September 6th, 1620 when she left her old life together with her homecountry, and 11. November 1620 when she arrived her new life, her new home, America.

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